Dak Prescott: The Man We Should All Aspire to be Like

When you think about a role model there are certain characteristics and qualities you should look for. According to Cayenne Consulting, a business firm consultant, there are at least seven traits of a role model.  A Role model must be able to: Demonstrate confidence and leadership, be unique, possess great communication, knowledgeable and well-rounded,  show respect and concern for others, have humility and own their mistakes, are just a few of the traits that are listed on Cayenne’s website.

When you translate that to the football field, Dak Prescott  would have a check  mark in each column. Is that the reason why we should inspire to be like him? Prescott’s success may be new to many of us, however, his journey here was not easy. He was never “highly regarded” when it came to rankings, but his story is a great testimony if you put in the work. You will get what you want out of life. All the hard work Prescott has put in since high school is paying off and now he’s living out his dream; the starting quarterback of his favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. The role model like traits that Prescott possesses is what got him where he is today. Something we can all aspire to have one day in our own personal lives.

As a fourth-round rookie, Prescott separated himself from your “traditionally rookie.” He had big shoes to fill, as Tony Romo was injured, he had to somehow gain the respect of his veteran teammates and lead this team to victory. In accomplishing both of these feats, Prescott had to demonstrate confidence and leadership. That is exactly what he did. Prescott did not let a label like “rookie” hold him back. He said from day one he always saw himself leading his team and he did exactly that. Prescott could have let these circumstances and all of the pressure consume him, but he didn’t. Again, that goes back to his confidence and a great characteristic in a natural born leader. He’s known back in Starkville as just that, a natural born leader.

Unique is another characteristic a role model must have. Prescott is unique in many ways. He was never flashy or “GQ” and Prescott remains that way today. He’s still wearing bow-ties like he did in college and has not become this “Hollywood” sensation. It was reported that during the bye-week he turned down late night tv show spots and an opportunity to go overseas. Not many rookies with the fame and status that Prescott has now would have done such a thing. However, he did. He decided to go home and be with family and perhaps go fishing. Prescott is still the same southern boy from northwestern Louisiana many in Bossier Parish remember as a young kid.

As a quarterback, you must know how to communicate. Obviously, Prescott who has completion percentage rate of 67.7% along with 2,640 yards with 11 touchdowns and only two interceptions, knows how to communicate. However, a role model must also know how to communicate and interact with everyone. When the questions came about Romo and whose team was this Prescott answer those questions and never got frustrated. In the locker room, he walks around with a big smile shaking hands with all the different media members and talking with them. Occasionally, he may take your box score and review the stats and make conversation with you. He makes you feel important and will wish you safe travels when you leave. Those are the small things that he does that makes him a great role model as well.

Speaking of Romo and the media, showed respect and concern for others. Sometimes the media would ask those “trick” questions, but Prescott would always praise Romo. He referred to the team as Romo and always spoke about the things he learned from him. Prescott never displayed any arrogance or made Romo feel small to make himself feel superior. Something that we can all take a note of.

Lastly, a role model must be knowledgeable and well rounded. In addition to that, they must also show humility and own their mistakes. Prescott always put himself last in the press conference and praise his teammates. Whether that is the offensive line that protects him, or his rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott that can bail him out at any time. Prescott has never been known to brag about anything. His knowledge of the game proceeds him and he’s a very well-rounded individual.

Yes, we sometimes get caught up in the highlights of what Prescott has done on the field. However, it is these things we should take notes of and become more like him. If he and the Cowboys continue being successful many people will get an opportunity to know who Prescott is. Who is  Dak Prescott you may ask?  Prescott is a 6ft 2 quarterback with a contagious smile and a man of integrity. He’s a hard working guy from Louisiana that doesn’t come from much but isn’t looking for a pity party. Everything he has, he’s earned. That includes the starting quarterback job. Dak Prescott is someone we should all take a lesson from and perhaps we could live out our dreams too.

Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

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