Daniel Nelson; Life after Baseball

Atlanta Braves’ Daniel Nelson impacted individuals on and off the field with his inspirational words and tips that encourages others to go after their dreams. “I had a saying that I used a lot that inspired me to go out and do my best. Do not allow a man to tell you how much food you can put on your plate.” Simply put; Do not allow people to tell you what you can and will not do. “If you have a dream, do not allow anyone to tell you what you are capable of.”

Nelson faced a couple of obstacles with doing things he was not accustom to as a MLB player, but he managed to come out of it and it helped him to become the individual that he is today. “As a person that grew up in an inner city, I had challenges with trying to fit in, but in 2010 I found myself. I eliminated certain things that was going on in my life and I became at peace with myself.  All of the distractions were gone and I could focus solely on being the best individual I can be for my team, as well as my family.”

“Baseball has helped me a lot. It helped me converse with others about baseball. I build friendships and bonds with others and I was dedicated to my dream.”

In time, Baseball has united different cultures and unique individuals that come from a different background of life. A lot of individuals felt like Jackie Robinson was the pioneer of different cultures coming together as family. “I felt like he was one of the reasons that gave myself and others chances to play baseball. What he did and how he did it impacted a lot of players, cultures, and families to come together as one.”

Nelson learned to have thick skin, but remained humbled and help those that needed tips on different aspects about baseball. “I like to help people get the inside scoop on different areas they could improve in. I have done a lot of Facebook tutorials on different aspects that could work. My goal this year is to help out a million people or more with different areas they need to improve in. I do not charge, I just want to give them knowledge that was given to me.”

In his spare time Nelson loves to be around his family. “I am just enjoying my family. Being in the league and having to go to this or that place to work, I missed out on certain things in their lives. I will and want to be apart of that. Family means so much to me.”


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