Deron Williams and Andrew Bogut joining the Cavs equals title repeat?

Reports have been going out that Deron Williams will be signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. And Andrew Bogut name has also been associated with Cleveland as well as four other teams. In order for Bogut to join the Cavs, he would first have to complete his buyout with the Philadelphia 76ers. Deron Williams was outright waived by the Dallas Mavericks because trade offers failed to matriculate. On the other hand, Bogut’s contract was traded to the 76ers with Justin Anderson for Nerlens Noel. Being that both are rumored to join the Cavs within the week, I will lay out how they could both impact the defending champions.

Deron Williams potential impact

Deron Williams in new-look Cavs uniform (via

Former Mavericks point guard Williams is now up in the air. Recently, he was waived from the team and has now cleared waivers. Clearing waivers reassures him that he gets to pick any team that fits his future needs. Cleveland looks to be his next destination via ESPN and expects to join the team as soon as today. LeBron James stated that the teams “needs a f**king playmaker” and that’s exactly what Williams is.

The 32-year-old point guard has immense talent but at his age, it is dissipating. Williams has been averaging 13.1 points and 6.9 assist this season. But he can still contribute in a productive way with his keen sense of scoring ability and offensive IQ. Williams can be the backup scorer and playmaker to spell Kyrie Irving and James. At his age, he cannot keep up with the speed of the younger starting PG’s that’s why coming off the bench is ideal. His impact will be felt greatly after he gets comfortable with the offense like Kyle Korver has this season.

The Future impact of Andrew Bogut

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Andrew Bogut in new-look Cavs uniform

Andrew Bogut’s trade to the 76ers wasn’t a shock to any. His name has been on the lips of NBA GM’s months before the NBA Trade Deadline ended on February 23rd. After this trade, Bogut’s agent David Bauman said they are in the process of negotiating a buyout via ESPN. Cleveland has no backup center due to Chris “Birdman” Anderson tearing his ACL in practice. And Bogut would be the perfect addition to the Cavs and here’s why.

A center that can’t shoot or has little athleticism isn’t highly coveted in today’s NBA. But Bogut has championship experience with the Warriors and fits playoff teams like Cleveland.  The 7-foot center is one of the most underrated passing big men in the league. Bogut is great at setting effective screens and is one of the better rim protectors in the league. Being that Bogut is one year removed from playing with the Warriors he could help denounce the play tendencies of his former team.

Final Synopsis 

Yes, adding key veterans like Williams and Bogut are solid moves for a team like Cleveland. But these type of moves only help to get through the long regular season. Bogut most likely won’t play much in the Finals against former team Golden State due to the matchups. The Warriors have a smaller team so Bogut won’t get many minutes. On the other hand, Deron Williams might have a limited role in the playoffs. Most teams go to 7-8 man rotations but both could play in pivotal spurts during the playoff run. These moves will only help the Cavs in case they play Golden State in the finals while also keeping Irving, James, and Love fresher for the playoffs.

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