Derrick Rose was greeted by classless Bulls fans in return

Fans are entitled to cheer and boo. When it comes to a former MVP that was born and raised in Chicago and brought the Bulls franchise back into relevancy from the historic Jordan days, Derrick Rose was greeted a distasteful, classless, unforgiving hometown crowd and a roar of boos. This stance many in the audience took had no grounds.
Rose was not a free agent that chose to leave his hometown. Nor, did he demand a trade and disengage from the franchise. Rose was traded to the New York Knicks in a surprise to many, as the franchise wanted to go in a different direction. Despite the passion you may have for a city or a team, that is a part of the business; people getting traded. For his hometown to boo him, but give a loud ovation for Joakim Noah, who the Bulls actually wanted to keep if they could come to terms on money, is mind boggling. This action by Chicago fans was nauseating at best because as mentioned it was baseless.
Rose wanted to bring a championship to Chicago and could not make that happen. Yes, he gave the Bulls a few good years. However, unfortunate circumstances of injuries caused him not  to perform at the high level he once did. It is true the South Side native said things that could be head-scratching and at times make your ears bleed. Rose meant well, tried his hardest, and loved Chicago like no other.
Unlike Jordan, Derrick Rose is a product of this city. He was born in Chicago and went to Chicago Public Schools. Everything about Rose, who he is as a person and the way he carries himself is a representation of the South Side of Chicago. Rose entire life is a testament of coming from nothing and becoming something. He went from the gang infested Southside that is plagued with drugs, guns, and violence to becoming the face of the Bulls and living in Trump Tower, downtown.
Regardless, if Rose ever returns to MVP level or not his story is inspiring the many youths on our streets today that we want a better life for. Whether you agree with his camp or not, Rose family kept him grounded and sheltered so he could make it out of the hood and be something positive. Rose could have been a gang member adding to the outrageous homicide count to Chicago, but he chose a better path. On those merits alone, Derrick Rose should have been celebrated in his only return to the United Center this season.
Of course, as a fan, you can be disappointed that over the past two, perhaps three seasons the Bulls had a unit that could have produced more. It is true, it was unfortunate that the Bulls could not get pass Lebron whether he was in a Cavs or a Heat jersey. Fans could buy into the dysfunction that was of the Bulls and can pick a side “Team Jimmy” or “Team Derrick.” That’s what makes the NBA such a fun sport, especially on social media with the soap opera-like drama. Fans could even pass judgment on Rose for being involved in an alleged gang rape scandal, that he was found “not liable” for. There are many reasons to not like Rose being in a Knicks jersey. The most obvious one is merely the fact that you are a Bulls fan and can dislike the New York Knicks.
However, to have the man that gave his all and that sacrificed his body time and time again for this franchise and the city he calls home. To come back to this city and even wears the No. 25 for its historic meaning to high school basketball in this city. To have the man that brought this franchise back to relevancy since the legendary Jordan days. To have the man that is a true representation of the south side of Chicago. This city’s very own, come back for one night to a roar of boos, showed the world how classless Chicago can be. Perhaps that’s why it’s called the Second City, as Chicago since the 1800s has always aspired to be great like New York.

Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

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