Unlocking NlL: Athletes Studio Empowers LSU’s Angel Reese and More

Listen In with KNN visual with Athlete Studio Founder Nicholas Lemieux

On this episode of “Listen In With KNN,” sports radio show and podcast Host, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, dove into the evolving industry of name, image and likeness (NIL). During this episode, Nelson and Nicholas Lemieux, Founder/ CEO of Athletes Studio, dissected the new NIL laws and the opportunities it has created for athletes to monetize their brand.

Athletes Studio is a world class ecommerce platform for professional athletes to monetize their NIL, empowering over 200 athletes ranging from various leagues like NFL, UFC, and NCAA.  

Lemieux discussed the importance of developing college athletes’ infrastructure (website, emails, newsletters,  apparel design, etc.) and helping athletes like LSU’s women’s basketball star Angel Reese to capitalize their name, image, and likeness. This is especially beneficial for athletes like Reese who have had the ability to drive immense sales like “earning more gross revenue in one day than the No. 1 WNBA draft pick throughout an entire season,” Lemieux said. 

Athletes Studio has actively worked to expand the accessibility of athletes merchandise to fans beyond an online platform. Revealing strategic partnerships such as the development of a relationship with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Athletes Studio provides a broader reach for NIL branded products. This commercial partnership reinforces athlete branding through trademarking phrases like Reese’s “Bayou Barbie” as an opportunity for merchandise to enhance fan loyalty. 

Nelson and Lemieux discussed another topic for athletes dissecting non-fungible tokens also known as NFTs and how they have played an influential role within sports projects like NFL’s digital versions of trading cards.

 “We have implemented it through a loyalty program providing digital collectible products that includes an instant reward for fans,” Lemieux said. “Our path is clear in continuing to grow by expanding to have 1000 athletes by the end of 2024 and offer AI virtual assistants in assistance with athlete management.”

This episode concluded with Lemieux outlining their experience working with various other athletes like Washington Commanders’ star wide receiver, Terry McLaurin and the distribution of  “Scary Terry” Halloween edition merchandise. 

Lemieux praised the transformative potential of NIL laws and athlete monetization. NIL laws continue to reshape our comprehension of sports, platforms like Athletes Studio stand at that forefront and drive extraordinary opportunities for athletes with name, image and likeness.

You can listen to the full show here.

Cashe' Mitchell