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Episode 60: Rob Ryan and Copycat the Patriots

All Skins Errrything with the Urban Sports Scene is a sports podcast that provides youthful and fresh insight into everything Washington Redskins. The show stars Wally, Ray and Will T.   All Skins Errrything w/ @UrbanSportScene topics:  The @Redskins making Rob Ryan their new linebackers’ coach and how the Skins can be more like the @Patriots.  @LexDimonds from Heritage Sports Radio Network joined the show as a guest.  #HTTR #Redskinstweetteam #ASEisDope
“That’s Real Talk with the Urban Sports Scene”:  This is a segment that Redskins fans can put their imprint on the show.  All you have to do is call 301-799-5407 and leave a message ranting or posing a question for the Urban Sports Scene about the Skins.  You can also tweet us @UrbanSportScene or hit us up on Facebook Those comments will be featured on All Skins Errrything.  So feel free to call, tweet or FB us now!  That’s Real Talk.  Don’t forget to hashtag #USSRealTalk

Glen Thomas