Everything went wrong for Wizards in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia —- You ever heard the saying, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you?” Well, everything the Wizards did in Atlanta last night is exactly what you should not do if you’re trying to move on to the second-round. However, the Wizards are saying that short-term memory is the mindset and they are already prepping for Monday’s game.



“This game is over,” said Bradley Beal. “They won. Congrats…but we have a game that’s coming up on Monday….this game is behind us.”

Beal struggled offensively in the blowout to Atlanta. He shot 6/20 from the field for 12 points in roughly 35 minutes of playing time. He attempted six three-point attempts, but missed all of them.


In addition to Beal’s shooting woes, Markieff Morris was a non-factor due to early foul trouble. Morris had five personals when it was all over. He would finished the night with nine points shooting about 28% from the field. Nonetheless, Morris voiced his concerns about Paul Millsap and even did a little name calling.


“He just did more for his team. He’s a crybaby. Get all the calls and you a crybaby,” Morris said.


Millsap was asked about Morris’ comments and replied, “Take your loss and go back to the hotel.”


The trash talking between the two is setting up a drama filled game for Monday night.


What went wrong of Washington?

Everything: Early foul trouble, no offense, and Atlanta played with their backs against the wall. Dennis Schroder finished the night with 27 points and was 10/12 from the field. Paul Millsap had 29 points and Taurean Prince added 16 points. In addition, they controlled the tempo of the game from tip-off. Furthermore, the Wizards never led or ever tied in this game. They allowed the Hawks to outscore them 38-20 in first quarter.

Despite the loss, Brandon Jennings mentioned that games like these happen in the playoffs. He finished the night with 13 points off the bench.



All John Wall

The little engine that could. That would be John Wall. He did everything he could do in a dismal game. Wall had 29 points and shot 83% from the field. He attempted and made his one three point shot. However, it just wasn’t enough.


Dennis Schroder and John Wall’s match-up is filled with drama. Whether, it’s the trash-talking or competitive play. Wall had a few words for Schroder who’s trying to become more aggressive on defending Wall.



“That has no effect on me.” Wall said.



Looking Ahead to Monday

The Wizards could look over the the Western Conference and see what’s transpiring in the Memphis/San Antonio series and take notes. The last thing they want to do is lose again in Atlanta on Monday night and have the series tied at 2-2. Washington needs offense from all of their players and must control the tempo of this game. The quicker they end this series the better in the long-term. Wizards and Hawks will play on Monday night at 8 p.m.

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