Exclusive: John Wall analyzing the Dallas Cowboys


Perhaps you’ve heard, John Wall of the Washington Wizards is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. After his team won in Chicago last night. He talked exclusively with Josh A. Vinson of Fox Sports 1340AM/WHAP about America’s favorite team. He reflects on the Cowboys win vs. Tampa Bay last Sunday. Also, he gives insight on what it is like to be in Dak Prescott’s shoes being a rookie. Watch this exclusive one on one interview you will only see here, on the Mid-Atlantic’s #1 source for all things Dallas Cowboys.

Joshua Vinson

Joshua Vinson

This season is my 5th year covering the NBA. I specialize in feature stories and exclusives are what I do best. During the NFL season, I'm now covering the Carolina Panthers. This is my second year covering the NFL. Feel free to connect with me. I live by the following quote: "A journalist who doesn't value deeply an audience's loyalty should be in another line of work." --- Peter Jennings

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