Exclusive: Newcastle United star Christian Atsu Empowering African Children as Arms Around the Child Ambassador

A well-known Premier League footballer for the English Premier League’s Newcastle United and a Ghana international, Atsu is currently an official Ambassador for registered charity Arms Around the Child. Not only that, but the skillful and tricky Ghanaian winger is additionally an advocate for social justice in Ghana and throughout the rest of Africa.

FOX Sports Radio 96.9 FM/1340 AM’s Wala Amara briefly caught up with Newcastle United and Ghana international star, Christian Atsu, to positively discuss the Ghanaian’s Ambassadorial role with registered charity Arms Around the Child, coupled alongside being an impactful beacon of inspiration and hope for kids throughout Ghana, his thoughts on the 2018/2019 season at St. James’ Park with Newcastle United, as well as his ambitions and targets for the Black Stars at this summer’s much-anticipated 2019 Africa Cup of Nations tournament in Egypt.

Wala Amara: Christian, how was your 2018/2019 season overall with the Magpies?

Christian Atsu: I’m very happy to play for Newcastle United (here at St. James’ Park under Rafa Benítez), it was a happy season.

Wala Amara: Can you elaborate on the mission behind the positive charity work which you do?

Christian Atsu: We want to have the kids (throughout Ghana) achieve their dreams and give them a better education to have a better life.

Wala Amara: Why did you choose this mission in particular?

Christian Atsu: It’s a pleasure to be part of this (philanthropic and charitable) mission, it makes me happy and I love to show love to the kids (to encourage and inspire them). I would love to do my best as much as possible (with this mission). I want them to have a dream like me when I was growing up (in Ghana). It’s something I love to do (to help others in greater need).

Wala Amara: Arms Around the Child is a registered charity that speaks for itself. Why did you choose to get involved in a mission that revolves around children?

Christian Atsu: I’ve seen a lot of this (as a philanthropist). It’s not easy for these kids being on the streets (in my country). When I was growing up, I had families, but these kids (in Ghana and the rest of Africa) don’t have families. You can imagine how hard it is for them (without that positive support and infrastructure). I’m happy to help as many kids as I can (as Ambassador for Arms Around the Children).

Wala Amara: What’s next for you philanthropy wise?


Dean Perretta

Dean Perretta is a 2x SEA Award-winning creative, Broadcast Journalist, Reporter, Courtside Analyst for BBC televised London Lions and Executive Producer who currently contributes to FOX Sports Radio, FourFourTwo Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Magazine.