Exclusive: Newcastle United star Christian Atsu Empowering African Children as Arms Around the Child Ambassador

Author: Wala Amara

It’s not common for highly paid professional footballers and public figures to become actively involved within the realm of humanitarianism, rather it’s almost expected. Such professional athletes and personalities have the required platforms and the means to inspire communities courtesy of actively becoming involved with respectable charitable endeavors on various levels.

However, as much as altruism and fellowship are indeed common in contemporary professional sports, notably professional football, there are certain inspirational individuals within the professional sports industry that are tied to a profound purpose and cause away from simply wanting to polish the modern day branding and image of a professional athlete.

Newcastle United and Ghana international star, Christian Atsu,  is one of those difference making, inspirational professional footballers that positively continues philanthropic and charitable acts and deeds out of a wholehearted purpose; Atsu’s sincere humantarian purpose is linked directly to his home country Ghana.

The 27-year-old Magpies star, a devout Christian, was born in Ada Foah, Ghana, situated within the Greater Accra region, and as a child humbly lived in inconvenient conditions which witnessed a degree of injustice and a variety of unmet needs for both his family and people throughout Accra.

Dean Perretta
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