Gary Payton Expects His BIG3 Players to Talk Trash Or Deal With Him (Video)

When it comes to the ultimate NBA trash talker, you’d be hard pressed to find someone as loquacious as Gary Payton. The Hall of Fame, self-professed King of Trash Talk is no different now that his playing days are over. Entering his third season as the coach of the BIG3’s 3-Headed Monsters, Payton expects no less from his players. After the game, The Glove was asked if he was pleased with co-captain Reggie Evans’ jaw jacking and physical battles with Trilogy’s Patrick O’Neal throughout the game.

“Very much,” answered Payton. “If they talk sh-t to them, they better talk sh-t back or I’m gonna get in their butts. We just had a meeting in the locker room and I went at them about that. I hate people that talk trash and go at somebody and then you don’t go back at them. That’s not what’s gonna happen. Not on my basketball team and these guys know that. I don’t care if they talk trash. I don’t care and I’m gonna get on the referees about them. If they don’t talk trash, I’m gonna be mad at them. So what Reggie did is and that’s why I don’t care. I didn’t say nothing. O’Neal (Patrick O’Bryant) wanna go at him, he can go back at him and that’s what we gonna keep doing this whole year and that’s how we are.”

Well, Evans certainly walked the walk after talking the talk. He led all scorers with 22 points and 23 rebounds to help the 3-Headed Monsters in a 51-46 win over Trilogy. Payton himself was mic’d up for the game and did not disappoint.

The next stop for the 3-Headed Monsters is Philadelphia where they will face new expansion team, the Aliens at the Liacouras Center.


Sheena Quick

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