Gerald McCoy Has Nothing But Respect For Bucs Organization (Audio)

McCoy said that he simply went to the best team that fit him. “I don’t want it to be misconstrued of the respect I have for the Buccaneers administration and how much I appreciate what they’ve done for me,” said McCoy on a call with Rapoport.

“You know a lot of people think that I, I don’t know, turned my back on them or disrespected them. I’ll never do that. I’ll never say anything bad about Tampa. I’ll never say anything negative about Tampa. It doesn’t matter how much negative was said about me; it’ll never be reciprocated because I know that organization changed my life and the time I had there was great.”

The maturity of McCoy in this situation is promising and shows that he is more than ready to be a positive leader in the locker room.

Sheena Quick
Sports mom/accountant/life-long athlete and lover of all sports.