Historic Night In MSG: AJ Styles The New WWE United States Champion

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Number one contender

AJ Styles won the independence day Battle Royal this past SmackDown in the process he became the number one contender for the United States Championship. As a result, AJ Styles did not waste any time capitalizing on his opportunity. Last night he defeated Kevin Owens at a house show in the most famous area Madison Square Garden arena. For those that don’t know what a house show it’s a non-televised show.

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Previous history

Styles and Owens are no strangers they have previous history with each other. He previously challenged for the United States back at Backlash in May. However, Owens retained his United States Championship via controversial fashion via a count. Styles got his leg stuck in a hole on the announce table.

Now title changes at house shows don’t happen that often, however, there has been a couple of occasions few and far between, particularly over the last few years. My logical says that Kevin Owens might be dealing with an injury.


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Some memorable house show moments where the title changed hands. The first one that happened in Madison Square Garden, in 1994 when Diesel defeated Bob Backlund for the WWF Championship. The last time that a title changed hands in recent memory was at a house show when Samoa Joe won the NXT Championship from Finn Balor back on April 27, 2016.


Last night is the reason fans should always go to house shows because you never what surprises could happen or title changes. Styles deserves to have a special moment in MSG he is one of the best performances on the WWE roster.

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