Interview: England star and Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson

England star and Liverpool F.C captain, Jordan Henderson, was a valuable member of Gareth Southgate’s heroic England team at FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 which witnessed the Three Lions finishing fourth; England’s greatest FIFA World Cup finish since FIFA World Cup Italia 90.

After inspiring the nation this past summer in Russia with England, Henderson’s Liverpool F.C are currently riding high in the Premier League courtesy of their early form in the new 2018-2019 season.

Off the field, however, the talented 28-year-old England and Liverpool midfielder is a Maximuscle Ambassador and avid health and fitness enthusiast.

FOX Sports Radio 96.9 FM/1340 AM’s Dean Perretta caught up with Jordan Henderson to discuss his role as Maximuscle Ambassador, as well as sharing his unique insight on performance training with Liverpool F.C and much more.

Dean Perretta: First and foremost Jordan, what does it mean for you personally and professionally to be an Ambassador for leading health and nutrition brand Maximuscle?

Jordan Henderson: It is great to be a Maximuscle Ambassador. Maximuscle are top of the game in terms of nutrition, so it is a privilege to represent such a trusted and leading brand.

Dean Perretta: What do you feel separates Maximuscle’s diverse range of products from others in the contemporary health and nutrition market?

Jordan Henderson: For me, it has to be the testing. All Maximuscle products are tested and approved by Informed Sport, so it’s good know everything I take isn’t going to be detrimental and gives you a peace of mind and allowing me to focus on my training. Before exclusively using this one protein product, I’d often experiment with various others about on the market such as power life high impact whey protein and the many others you can find as a protein supplement online or in stores. In fact, YouTube and other video websites are great for experimenting with new recipes and shakes including different products. Once you know what kind of protein you like, whether that’s high impact plant protein something completely different, the recipes are endless.

On top of the Informed Sport, I think the taste of the products and convenience also give Maximuscle an edge. Having great tasting products so readily available allows me to hit my nutrition intakes and maximise my training and recovery.

Dean Perretta: Maximuscle bars remain a perennial go-to favorite for you personally. What have been the positive benefits of incorporating Maximuscle bars into your nutritional dietary plan?

Jordan Henderson: The bars are great. The Caramel ones are a personal favourite. But the bars contain 20g of protein for under 200 calories, so they really provide a great way to keep my protein levels high and maximising my muscle recovery. They also help me when it comes to craving something sweet. Grabbing a Maximuscle bar hits that sweet spot and keeps all my nutritionals in check. There are loads of ways to get protein into my body, but a tasty snack is an easy way to make sure I get the right amount. Although, fellow teammates enjoy supplements that include protein, as they help with all sorts, from energy levels to bowel movements! Companies like power life and many more like them are very popular when it comes to this kind of supplement.

Dean Perretta: Maximuscle’s Promax and Creatamax are also tremendous health and nutrition products which you gravitate to when selecting Maximuscle items. Why do you recommend the aforementioned Maximuscle products?

Jordan Henderson: The Promax gives me all my protein requirements post-training, delivering me 30g of whey protein, helping aid my recovery after a training session. Promax is also quite diverse and tastes great when I mix it into my smoothies and porridge!

With the Creatamax I find this gives me just a little more edge when it comes to training and performance. Creatine is a great ingredient that helps me put in that little extra whilst training and giving me an edge on match day. Creatamax also comes in capsules which makes it so much easier to take.

Dean Perretta: Before we leave Jordan, Maximuscle’s official website of course has very informative and exceptional articles on fitness and nutrition goals. With that being said, what does your overall performance training generally consist of on a daily basis?

Jordan Henderson: So yeah, training incorporates all aspects nowadays and not just cardio. We do our fair share in the gym when it comes to weight training, but weight training is usually in the preseason building up our strength then we move towards more plyometrics and body weight training when the season is underway. The plyometrics and body weight helps with our agility and core strength, both of which are important when it comes to football.

The coaches usually give us a good blend of training; setting out the drills and giving us all our programmes to follow when we are in the gym to help tailor what we are doing to our positions.

On a daily basis we usually do two sessions a day. That first session focusing on our fitness and strength, then we get into more the training and tactics.

Dean Perretta
Dean Perretta is a 2x SEA Award-winning creative, Broadcast Journalist, Reporter, Courtside Analyst for BBC televised London Lions and Executive Producer who currently contributes to FOX Sports Radio, FourFourTwo Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Magazine.