Jackson? Garcon?…. Who should the Redskins Keep?

In the Redskins Week 14 win against the Philadelphia Eagles, both wide receiver Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon made impact plays that lead to a Redskins win. Jackson changed the game’s complexion by catching a Kirk Cousins pass and taking it into the end zone for a typical Desean Jackson 80-yard touchdown catch. Pierre Garcon, on the other hand, caught a very clutch touchdown on a fade route and he also kept the game-winning drive alive in the fourth quarter by catching a pass on another clutch fourth-down catch.

Straight to the Point

At the end of the season, both Jackson and Garcon contracts are up. Now, going into the offseason it said that the Redskins can have in excess of 70 million dollars in cap space. If that is indeed the case then the Redskins do not have to panic into making a decision. They will have enough money to sign both Garcon and Jackson to future contracts. With that being said there may also be a chance that Scot McCloughan and the Redskins front office decide to part ways with one of the two receivers. So, do you sign the speedster who can change the atmosphere of any game with one catch OR do you sign the consistent, clutch, and strong veteran wide receiver who has been consistent for your franchise for years? That is the magic question that everyone wants an answer to now but we are in fact still months away from actually having that answer.

“For the games, we don’t have DJax making those big plays and the games that he missed, at the end of the day, you look at Pierre’s stats, he quietly goes out there and leads the team.”
In an interview with the Sports Junkies on 106.7, The Fan former Redskin great Santana Moss said “I like the both of ’em,” Moss said. “I’ve played with the both of ’em, I’ve seen what both of ’em bring to the table. It’s hard to look at him and not appreciate what he brings to the table,” as he continued, talking about Garçon. “For the games, we don’t have DJax making those big plays and the games that he missed, at the end of the day, you look at Pierre’s stats, he quietly goes out there and leads the team.” He also went on to say “It’s hard to say who you keep,”With DeSean Jackson, speed kills. People are gonna want that, so they’re gonna pay big dollar for that. If the Redskins would be willing to pay that kind of money to him to keep him, knowing they have to pay Kirk Cousins, knowing they have to get guys on defense, it’s hard for me to believe that.” This is not a bad problem for the Redskins to have. Both Garcon and Jackson are still consistent players so even if they are only able to bring back just one of them, either one can and will be productive. Desean Jackson currently has 42 receptions, 746 yards, and four touchdowns while Pierre Garcon has a team-high 64 receptions, 773 yards, and 3 touchdowns on the season.

If I could have one of the two receivers back it would have to be (as dramatic opera music plays in the background)……… Desean Jackson. The Redskins will be going into this offseason with an abundance of cap space so money should not be the issue here. Jackson does so much to help open up space for Garcon and Crowder and the same can also be said for Jordan Reed. It’s just something about witnessing Jackson catching a 60 or 80-yard BOMB from Kirk Cousins. Now, do not get me wrong, if we can keep Garcon I am all for it. Garcon is very consistent and he has been reliable since arriving in Washington. Yet, the same can be said for Jordan Reed and rising receiver Jamison Crowder. Then when you throw 2016 1st round pick Josh Doctson and tight end Vernon Davis into the pot you will see that the Redskins will still have a very talented if not more talented receiving core for years to come. Desean Jackson has unusual talent and if they want to keep improving this team then they must keep and harness that unusual talent for the betterment of their football team.

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