Jennifer Cobb; Bringing awareness to Parkinson

Los Angeles Rams alumni Jennifer Cobb has made an impact on her community, as well as worldwide, making sure that Parkinson will not go unnoticed.Image may contain: 2 people, people standing


Jennifer’s dad suffers from Parkinson and she has been fond of the courage that her father puts up each and every day. “My dad is my rock. I know he is fighting every day with this disease and has helped me gain more knowledge. I have researched the ins and outs about this disease if there were any cures, and how to make my dad, as well as myself comfortable.”


While Jennifer is an alumni cheerleader for the Rams, she has expressed her gratitude about the organization and how they have helped her. “It is amazing that I am doing something I love, as well as educating others about Parkinson. The platform that I was given to convey a positive message about the disease has been great. I am very thankful and love how they have supported me and my father.”


“It can be draining at times, but I know that I am helping families around the world with advice on making sure that their loved ones are comfortable. ”

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Outside of starting her foundation Team Gateway to a Cure, Jennifer has an exceptional lifestyle with making sure that her family is okay and caring for her father. Being a mother, daughter, and a person who is very ambitious, Jennifer wears the cape of being the human “Wonder Woman.”


Being positive light is something that draws a lot of individuals to her and they admire what she is doing. “I mean in life, you have to be a positive person. Trials will come, but you can not let that affect you in a negative way. You never know whom you may touch, so it is essential to shine your light in a positive way. Use your platform to encourage or shine a light on different situations, diseases or concerns. We need to educate each other on life.”


Recently Jennifer started an annual Soul to Sole run that contributes with helping the funding of her foundation, as well as making sure that people are aware of the risks and how they could help someone they love.

In late April Jennifer held the event and the top three won awards, but that was not the real reward. The real award was coming together for a bigger purpose and helping those individuals with Parkinson.


“My father is a special person and this disease is something that needs to be talked about because it could happen to any of our loved ones. It is sad and while this disease is something that we as flesh can not control, we can help each other understand what could come next.”

As of right now, Parkinson is not treatable, but there are implications that a cure will be found. Researchers are developing a study on the disease and they are optimistic that a cure can be found in the next few years.

Michael J. Fox, as well as Muhammad Ali, was diagnosed with this disease. Both of these iconic figures defined the odds by out battling the disease when doctors told them that they had only a few years to live.

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Jennifer is just one of the few thousands that has been affected and is searching for answers. “It has been hard, but something that I will never give up on. This is not just for my dad, but for others as well.”

There are support groups that can help families, as well as hospitals that individuals’ loved ones could go to for treatment.




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