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Jordan Tucker Valuing His Role at Duke

Jordan Tucker
Jordan Tucker, freshman small-forward isn’t in rotation at the moment. However, his confidence remains high and he’s valuing this experience.


CHICAGO — Jordan Tucker is sitting in the locker room, congratulating his teammates as Duke just defeated Michigan State at the State Farm Classic in Chicago. Reporters swarmed his roommate, guard Trevon Duval, and many of them interviewed guard/forward Gary Trent Jr.

Tucker, however, wasn’t a part of the media frenzy as he didn’t play. Some players would feel defeated in a situation like this, and maybe rightfully so. Though he’s not in the rotation, Tucker’s accepting his role and being a sponge learning the game as he waits for his moment to prove himself.

“It was my choice to come here,” Tucker said. “I knew a little bit of that was going to come with this process, but I’m okay with it. I know my time is coming.”

He added, “I’m learning from the greatest coach. I know mentally I’m getting better. Just knowing the game just knowing how to play so when it comes to my time I’m going to shine.”

Tucker committed to Duke earlier this year in the spring. At the time, he could’ve gone anywhere including Syracuse, Indiana, or Georgia Tech. But, an opportunity presented itself for him to come to Durham, North Carolina and he’s content with his decision.

Of course, he wants to be on the floor but while he’s waiting for that to happen, he’s staying active anyway that he can.

“Working out. I work out a lot,” Tucker said. “That keeps my mentals at an all-time high. I just stay the course and it’s gonna come.”

However, Tucker wanted to reiterate that it’s not about him right now. The overall goal is the success of the team and he’s making sure he’s being a team player.

“We’re winning,” Tucker said. “I’m glad we got the W today. We needed this one this is one of the biggest ones of the season. I’m happy for my guys. I was there cheering them on the whole game.”

Supporting his teammates is a big deal to Tucker. He sees them as family members and appreciates the commandery they have. They do everything together. Their bonds are bigger than basketball.

“I think this is one of the closest groups that this coaching staff has ever had,” Tucker said. “One of the biggest freshmen classes as well. Me and Tre (Trevon Duval) are roommates and we got extremely close, all of us.”

He continued, “We’re a family. We’re a brotherhood. But we’re really really brothers though. We don’t just say it because it’s cool. We say it because we mean it.”

Tucker left Chicago and is now at Duke continuing to perfect his craft. Though it’s unknown exactly when he will become a part of the rotation, he knows at any given moment it’ll happen and he must be prepared.

“It’s a process for sure. I’m not lacking confidence,” Tucker said. “I haven’t lost confidence at all. I’m staying ready. My preparation is key. Nothing has changed as far as my mentals. I’m just waiting for my number to be called. And, when that happens I’ll be ready.”

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