The King Wants His Crown: 205 Live Review

Every week the action on the 205 Live constantly gets better leaving you wanting. Here’s a recap of the final edition of 205 Live in 2016:

Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese

The show started off with Cedric Alexander as he battled Tony Nese on WWE 205 Live. Both Wrestlers had Alicia Fox and Drew Gulak by their side Alexander defeated Gulak last week, therefore, Nese wanted to get revenge for his partner. This was an entertaining affair between the two incredible Cruiserweights athletes. Gulak used his intelligence to an advantage for Nese and he got Fox ejected as he told the referee that she attacked him. Nesse seized the opportunity as Alexander was distracted and he knocked Alexander head off with a deadly uppercut.

Mustafa Ali vs. John Yurnet

Mustafa Ali was victorious over Lince Dorado on WWE 205 Live last week, he looked to continue building momentum against John Yurnet. Ali made quick work of his opponent plus he had extra motivation being in his hometown of Chicago and he won with an unbelievable inverted 450 Splash.

Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari – Gentlemen's Duel


Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari

It is a rare opportunity that fans get to witness a match that has never seen before in the WWE. On 205 Live Jack Gallagher made history against Ariya Daivari in the first ever gentleman duel. Gallagher showed Daivari a table covered with potential weapons such as a frying pan and Kendo stick. Daivari decided to choose a Kendo Stick. Daivari chose an umbrella for his opponent which was interesting. The duel got underway with both Superstars back to back they were supposed to take ten steps away from each other than attack with their weapons. Daivari could not wait so he attempted to attack early but Gallagher was ready. Gallagher took down his opponent with an umbrella which was an impressive feat. “The Extraordinary Gentleman” Gallagher hit his patented headbutt, which forced Daivari to leave the ring and he forfeits the duel.

Neville vs. Rich Swann

Neville is on a mission ever since his WWE return he has never been this good in the ring or on the mic. I have not been invested since his NXT days so, therefore, his transformation has been unbelievable. This was Rich Swann toughest test to date at since he made his debut in the WWE. Swann was very aggressive from the opening bell sounded, Swann wasted little time initiating an offense against Neville. Due to the fact that Neville brutally assaulted Swann for a couple of weeks, now. Neville dominated for the majority of the match and Swann could not handle him. Swann attempted to go to the top rope but Neville countered him and hit the Superplex for the win. This win will put Neville in line for a title shot at WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

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