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Laila Ali Admits Not Wanting to be Compared to Father

Laila Ali admitted in the Netflix’s show Chelsea that she wanted to build her own destiny and not be shadowed in the footsteps of her father, Muhammad Ali. She wanted to show the world that she could create her own legacy by going out in the ring and dominating. Ali wanted to show the world that women can be a force in the boxing industry.

“I had to work harder. Some people think that getting in the ring was easy. I had to go out there and fight these girls and they fought me ten times harder than they fought the last person because they think that this was their moment.”

Like her dad, Laila has been unstoppable and her record speaks for itself. She is undefeated with a 24-0 record and has told people that there is no female boxer on earth that could beat her. You could call that arrogance or confidence, but her actions in the ring speak louder than any of her words. She has dominated the scene of female boxing and left the ring winning the WIBA, IWBF, IBA and WBC Super Middleweight titles in addition to the IWBF Light Heavyweight title.

Ali has proved to the world that she was not going to be just “Ali’s daughter”, but a force to be reckoned with. Despite what she says about paving her own way as a boxer, you could see that she was the splitting image of her dad in and out the ring. She had the confidence, the witty words and the power behind the words when she was fighting her opponent. She was feared in the boxing world and every female that went toe to toe with her lost in the ring.¬†She retired in 2007. Some say she got bored, others have stated that she wanted to pursue being a sportscaster.

Ali’s interview will premiere Friday on Netflix. Here is the preview of what will be talked about on the Sports’ Edition of Chelsea.

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