LeBron James: A Trailblazer

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LeBron James is a controversial figure whenever fans or media bring up his name. However, this week James made headlines off the court. James pulled off a monumental achievement this week as he showcased The LeBron Soldier 10 FlyEase. The special feature of the shoe it has a combination of a zipper and velcro straps instead of laces for people and athletes with disabilities.

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“It’s about us empowering every kid and everybody to understand we are all athletes,” James said in a statement.” One of the key learnings we’ve had in crafting accessible footwear is the importance of easy entry and exit of the shoe, not just simplifying its fastening system,” Hatfield said in a statement. “Eliminating the intricate hand movement of lace tying is important, but if the athlete cannot get their foot into the shoe, lacing becomes a moot point.”

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This is the first basketball shoe to my knowledge with just zipper and velcro straps instead of laces. Hopefully, this concept changes the way basketball players and shoe designers create basketball shoes moving forward.

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No athlete in his prime such as LeBron James in sports has done this before. This won’t get the attention it deserves but it extremely significant to somebody like myself who loves shoes. It is always great when athletes involve themselves with athletes who have disabilities because they are normal like every other athlete they just have different methods of in terms of they play their spot.

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Forget what your emotions might be towards LeBron James and take a second to realize what James has accomplished. James deserves a round of applause for thinking outside of the box. In the process giving some love for athletes with disabilities. Giving these athletes the ability to wear his shoes with ease and looking good at the same time.

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