Legacy Of Michael Vick

After 13 seasons in the NFL, Michael Vick has decided that his time is over and he will officially retire from the National Football League.

Now the question is, what will his legacy be?

The word Legacy is something that we all think about. How we are remembered, the impact we had on others and most importantly success. When you think of Vick three words come to mind: dominant, adversity and legend.

Michael Vick spent two years at Virginia Tech where he captured the eyes and hearts of not only Hokie fans but football fans around the world. In those two years, Vick passed for 3,299 yards and 21 touchdowns, while rushing for 1,299 yards and 17 touchdowns. In 2000, Michael Vick led the Hokies to a Sugar Bowl where they came up just short to Florida State.

In 2001, Vick was drafted number one overall by the Atlanta Falcons. In Vick’s second season with Atlanta, he finally received his shot to be the starting quarterback. In six seasons with the Falcons, Vick led them to a 38-28-1 record with two playoff appearances in which Vick was 2-2. Michael Vick was dominating the game of football and he was on top of the world. But all of that took a huge turn in 2007.

Trials & Tribulations

On April 25th, 2007, Michael Vick was on the golf course in Atlanta where he received a call from his best friend that changed his life forever.
In August 2007, Vick pled guilty to federal dog-fighting charges where he spent 23 months in a federal prison. Growing up in Newport News, Virginia, dog fighting was an everyday thing in Vicks neighborhood. He was seven years old when he saw his first dog-fight. Bad News Kennels was started by Vick and his close friends to breed the pit bulls and sell them but that obviously escalated into not only dog fighting but the killing of several dogs.

Michael Vick went from a dominating, unstoppable number 7, to inmate 33765183.

After serving his time, Vick was released from Leavenworth prison in May of 2009 where returned home.

Vick was given a second chance and that chance came with the Philadelphia Eagles. Vick spent 5 years with the Eagles where he passed for over 9,800 yards with 59 touchdowns, also rushing for over 1,900 yards with 14 touchdowns. Vick finished second to Tom Brady in the MVP race in 2010.
Since the Eagles, Vick spent time with the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers. On February 2nd, 2017, Michael Vick told Josina Anderson, that his playing days are over and he is officially retiring from the NFL.

How will he be remembered?

A lot of people will remember Vick for his dog fighting involvement. A lot of people don’t think Vick has changed at all. Some will never forgive him for what he did. A lot of people will never get over the dog fighting and will never understand why this man received a second chance.

We should remember Vick as a dominant college player and the most dominant Madden player that was ever to exist. Vick always showed tremendous heart on the field. He’ll be remembered for the Miracle at the Meadowlands II but also for changing the game not just for quarterbacks but for players in general. We’ll remember Vick for being the most electrifying player to ever step onto¬†a football field.

Most importantly, Vick faced a ton of adversity. For literally losing everything, going to prison, coming home and becoming a better man. A guy who still works with the humane society when he doesn’t have to but because he wants to. A true role model for people that face adversity. Vick’s redemption story is the best story in all of sports and life in general. In a world where we are so quick to give up on people who make horrendous mistakes, the story of Michael Vick is a prime example that people can change for the better, all they need is a helping hand.

Michael Vick’s Legacy in one word: LEGEND.

Thanks for the memories 7.

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