Leigh Steinberg: The appealing lens to society

Leigh Steinberg is known for his wits, determination, and ambition with branding Steinberg’ Sports and Entertainment, but his story is deeper than his trials. His story starts and ends with compassion for people and impacting the lives of others. “I have made many mistakes in my lifetime, but I always wanted to help people. Helping people was something  that I was very passionate about and it has paid off.”

Steinberg is known to acquire exceptional talent to his organization, but he lets his players know that community service, having a positive mindset, and contributing to the community goes a long way. “The athletes that I represent, represents the vision that I have. I want these guys to go out there and inspire people to go out there and make their dreams and goals happen.”


Steinberg does not hold back or use excuses when he explains the reasons behind his alcohol problem that he overcame. “I was lost. Words cannot express what I had to overcome, but I knew that I had a purpose. My purpose is to help people and use what I been through as my story to inspire others. Alcoholism is a huge concern that individuals need to take notice to. It is very hard to stop once you are addicted to it. I am very thankful that I had people who helped me and supported my decision with getting help.”


Steinberg has not picked up a drink since 2014 and he uses his story to help others who struggle with alcoholism. It has been stated that 7% of Americans struggle with alcoholism. Alcohol has led to 88,000 deaths per year.

Outside of his many years of addiction, he has spoken at schools and events about turning your life around. “It is very humbling that people look at my story as inspiration.I like to pass down my wisdom and again it is all about helping others.”


Peace and happiness mean the world to everyone. It is a place that we all visit when we are going through different situations in life or where we feel the most comfortable at, Steinberg feels like you need peace and happiness to be happy in life. “It is a reflection of daily observation that can help you. They feed your potential of what you can be. ”


Steinberg talked about the importance of change. Change can be disruptive, scary, and sometimes too deep for an individual. Recently there have been many disputes about athletes getting paid in college and Steinberg agreed that players should get some type of percentage. “I have been around many athletes and heard some of their stories about how they could not afford food or expenses after games.Some players actually got hurt and could not make it to the pro level, because of their injuries. I am not saying that players should get pro level salary, but they should get something to live like normal students.”


Steinberg’s story inspired movie producers that they made a film based on him and his life. The Jerry Maguire filmed was based on Steinberg and his “stickem” on the sports’ industry as a sports agent. “I was excited that the producers wanted to bring my story to life, but again I just want to inspire people to be driven that dreams can happen with staying dedicated to the process.”

There are many factors with being successful, but Steinberg’s factors are pretty simple. “You want to stay positive, impact the world in a positive manner, have clarity with yourself, and staying true to yourself. : External awards will fade, but the impact you have others will live forever. I have an obligation to help as many people as I can.”


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