Meet Thomas Turner

Meet Thomas Turner who was Responsible for Helping put Together some of the Biggest Super Bowl Week Events. 

On this week’s livestream edition of “Listen In With KNN,” sports talk podcast and radio show, executive producer and host Kelsey Nicole Nelson sat down with Thomas Turner, founder of Relentless Beats live from Glendale, AZ and Super Bowl week. Turner holds the distinction of Arizona’s leading promoter of electronic and dance music events. Turner and Relentless Beats now produces over 400 events a year, booking over 500 artists annually.

To begin, when asked about what goes into the planning of their year-round events, Turner said, “We’re working around about 25 events, with lots of different partners, and we’re servicing lots of different roles. Some cases we’re needing to do more, and some a little less.” Turner then elaborated on how fortunate his staff is to work on events such as these. 

“We’re lucky to get the call to work on these events, and tonight we’re at The W with G-Eazy, as well as Tyga over at MIA. And we’ve got Steve Aoki. We’ve got Dylan Frances at Cake tonight as well. Tomorrow, as you mentioned, we’ve got Cardi B, over at The W, and Ludacris there on Saturday.”

Next, Nelson asked about how proud he was of this company, and Turner said “I’m really proud! We really got such a great community of people helping us. They deliver great entertainment to the city of Phoenix, and the five other cities that we work in as well. So, I’m extremely proud, and it’s something that was a sweaty passion project for me that turned into something that’s so important to economic development and growth for. It’s a really fulfilling position for me to be in.”

When elaborating on what the future for Relentless Beats looks like, Turner said “Being in a city like Phoenix that’s on the cusp of becoming a major economy, it’s a great position to be in too because we’re back into so many development projects, and culture development conversations and strategy.”

The events Turner and his company help to plan have had a tremendous impact on the city.His events during Super Bowl week and other high profile sporting events bring many together for joy and fun. As he discussed what the impact means to him, Turner said “It’s really exciting! We’re working with half a dozen different venues, and different producers to put together 25 different events, so being the trusted call that has been made to help facilitate all these things is a point of pride, but it’s truly the network of people that we rely on to help us build our events.”

Thomas Turner is doing great things with music events all over the country, and all of us here at “Listen In With KNN” wish him nothing but the best!

Relentless Beats continues to grow by the minute. To learn more about them, you can visit them online at You can also follow them on Twitter by going to and find them on Facebook at

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