Memphis Grizzlies Gorgui Dieng to appear on “Listen In With KNN”

FOX Sports Radio 96.9FM/1340AM show “Listen In With KNN”, hosted by Award-winning presenter Kelsey N. Nelson, warmly welcomes Memphis Grizzlies center/power forward, Gorgui Dieng, on to the show on May 11 to discuss the profoundly inspirational impact of the Gorgui Dieng Foundation; Dieng’s impactful namesake registered charity which the 30-year-old NBA player founded to improve and enrich communities and lives throughout his native Senegal.
The Gorgui Dieng Foundation, which places a crucial emphasis on medical care, generates educational societal awareness and expertly facilitates fundraising relief causes for healthcare equipment and necessary medical supplies to accentuate the overall existing quality of healthcare in the West African nation.
With a life expectancy rate (Female 68.7/Male 64.7), which, as evidentally officially confirmed in the World Health Organization’s 2019 global health rankings, ranked Senegal 131st in the entire world.
The Gorgui Dieng Foundation’s philanthropic agenda furthermore underscores the tremendous importance of delivering food and combatting hunger and starvation, especially regarding Senegalese children; nearly half of all child deaths in Africa as a continent stems from hunger and starvation.
Close to half of Senegal’s 15.8 million population, which lives on an estimated $1.25 per day, remains a harrowing reality and problematic issue for the Senegalese hierarchy and citizens alike.
Moreover, half of Senegal’s population is illiterate with 22% of children aged 5-14 working (forced cheaply exploited labor or commercial sex trafficking) and not formally educated at school; Senegalese women and young girls are ruthlessly and violently traveled by remorseless trafficking ring leaders and subsequently subjugated by neighboring West African nations, the Middle East and Europe for domestic servitude and sexual exploitation.
Dieng, a devout Muslim, also focuses on providing healthy and nutritional food to his beloved compatriots via the Gorgui Dieng Foundation.
Courtesy of demonstration farms, the foundation positively aids Senegalese farmers to strategically plan and successfully build both sustainable and economically prosperous farms. Senegal’s chief source of economic revenue is derived from agriculture with three-fourths of Senegal’s population currently employed in the agricultural sector.
The Gorgui Dieng Foundation, which hosts events each summer in Senegal, additionally ensures Senegalese children collectively improve their team-work skills, problem-solving abilities, and athletic performance in a unique five-day camp, which gears to empower children with a life-changing platform to gain life skills and confidence to succeed in life.
Senegal, long embracing Africa’s universally obsessive football-loving culture, has now, however, witnessed well-received, comprehensive basketball camps, led by Gorgui Dieng, as part of the initiative of the very inspirational Gorgui Dieng Foundation; Gorgui Dieng Foundation basketball camps are held annually in Senegal, excluding this summer due to the global Coronavirus pandemic.