Mental Illness, Mental Fragility, CTE and Combat Trauma

By Keith ‘Champ’ Creed

She shouldn’t have been in the octagon last night the same way Oliver McCall shouldn’t have been in the ring against Lennox Lewis in 1997. I’ve met Ronda on several occasions, the first time was when she was in strikeforce prepping for a fight against Julia Budd in 2011. Rousey is not the same person nor is she the same fighter she was back then. Professionally she has broken through all ceilings and has a spot in the UFC hall of fame. She made female fighting a viable career option in MMA and she is a legendary fight figure. But the after effects of her match against Holly Holm, the pressure of living in a fishbowl with cameras on you 24/7 and poor coaching, bad fight management revealed itself at once. Fame is not normal, getting hit in the head has lingering effects and I’m sure Oliver McCall’s breakdown can be analyzed alongside Ronda’s inability to defend herself against Nunes. Amanda is a great fighter, but last night she fought someone not mentally prepared to go into a fight the same way Lennox fought a broken man suffering from anguish the untrained eye can’t detect.



Nick Wilcox

Nick Wilcox

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