MJ vs. LeBron: Battle of the Gods


Story By: Ronald Jean-Jacques

Created By: Keith Creed


A park in Akron, it’s n a nice summer day. “Defend the Land”, written in the middle of a basketball court

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rocking a number 33 Jersey, and sporting his famous bifocals. He wipes the sweat from his forehead, panting heavy. Standing in the defensive position right in front of… the KING. LeBron holds the ball back in triple threat. The scoreboard reads 5762-5762.

“Next point wins.” Says the King. Kareem guards him tightly. Triple Threat stance. LeBron jabs once… twice… then a head fake. Kareem isn’t going.

One more pump fake gets Kareem to swipe at the ball. He catches some of it, causing it to fumble out of LeBron’s hands. Not fast enough… LeBron picks up the loose ball and starts the charge. Kareem is on his heels; LeBron makes a quick move in the opposite direction, getting Kareem off of him momentarily, but not fully. LeBron has enough space that his first step allows him to propel himself towards the basket. He rises in his signature one-handed tomahawk… BOOM!

“GAME!”, screams the King. The crowd we now notice erupts.

Meeting mid court the two embrace. Pumping up the crowd LeBron spikes the ball on the floor, reminiscent of his 2015 Game 2 victory in Golden State.

“Who’s got Next?!” Screams The KING.

“I do.” A mysterious voice.

A pair of black and red Jordan 1s shift onto the court. It’s the GOAT, sporting his signature hoop earrings and a T-shirt that reads, “the real 23.”

From midcourt, he puts his hand up, calling for the ball from a young boy watching from his seat.

“I’ll shoot for rock.” Says MJ. He lets it fly from where he is… nothing but net. “Guess it’s my ball first.”

“Game 11.”, replies the King.

“Loser’s Ball.”

The King nods and checks the rock at the top of the key. Jordan leans in as The King guards him close…. Real close. Jordan’s got him in triple-threat. A jab gets The King on his toes.  Leading to a little daylight. MJ drives, pulling back near free throw. All the space he needs. He goes for the fade…. Swish.

Not a drop of sweat on his head, as compared to LeBron’s.

LeBron waits for his check at the top of the key. He receives the ball and quickly makes his decision to take him to the FT line, where he begins to back him down. He backs MJ down and makes a quick spin move leading to the two-handed slam.

MJ smirks at LeBron, while LeBron stays serious. LeBron gathers the ball and checks the rock. MJ outs one quick move to get LeBron on his back right off bat. He gets LeBron on his back, and turns for a quick strike, turns around for the smooth jumper.

Check. LeBron stutters steps Once, twice… Lets it fly from 2-pointers. Swish.

“3-2”, LeBron says.

“I can count”, replies MJ.

LeBron checks the rock. MJ gets the ball, rips through leading to a reach and a miss by LeBron. MJ has all day, but leaps from the free throw line. SLAM.

“3-3”, mockingly MJ replies.

LeBron gets the check and goes to the basket just like he saw Jordan do. As he slides over to go he notices something…. No rock.

He looks back to see Jordan wide open from downtown… Swish. 5-3 says the score.

MJ is sweating now though. It’s on. Back and forth the two alternate baskets and dunks, montage style.

9-8,  says MJ, as he takes the check. LeBron waits for the jumper, but it doesn’t come. MJ rips through, low-and-balanced, covering so much ground he’s at the hoop in once dribbling. He gathers for the smooth finger roll, but… SWAT!

LBJ puts the ball on the glass and gathers it, all in one motion. He gets the ball back to the 2-point line, clearing the ball. He squares up sets his feet. Jordan himself. LeBron lets it go in time, before a stellar close out by MJ. SWISH!

LeBron winks at two boys and a little girl sitting courtside, whom all resemble his children.

“10-9 huh”, MJ says as he takes the check almost near half court. He looks over to the kids as well and smirks. The younger boy looks at him admiringly.

Jordan jabs three times. Jab, jab, jab… LeBron isn’t going. Quickly he shifts gears to his left, with LeBron tight on his heels.

As Jordan rises up from 2-point land, LeBron follows through rising high. LeBron soars covering the rock, MJ can’t do much… but, a double pump.

Just like on Ehlo in 89, Jordan double pumps mid-air, as LeBron zooms by. Jordan lets it go. It’s good.

LeBron disheartened, and finally, MJ lands.

“I always get one of those in Cleveland.” Says MJ. “Same time next year.”

“You got it. “ LBJ replies as he walks away with his children.

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