Navigating the American Economy- Episode 4

The wealth gap in America is bigger than ever, but what does wealth inequality really mean? The richest 1% of America now owns more of the country’s wealth than at any other time in the past 50 years. 3% of the population accumulates for 97% of our economy’s wealth, with skyrocketing inequality.
While many of us are not aware, socioeconomic factors plague our economy causing the rich to get richer, and the poor to get poorer. According to the NY Times, the number of Americans living in poverty increased 15 percent, while the wealthiest percent increased their share by 10 percent.
There are many unprecedented factors that cause the wealth gap in  America, but why is it that there is such a big gap in our social construct? Is it the inability to navigate our economy?
Our guest for today is a prime example of beating all odds.  Quillan Black, a professional trader in the foreign exchange market, moved from Jamaica to America, and found a way to navigate his way to wealth in a society that many people fall victim to.  Find out how he was able to come to this country, work at Target making $8.25 an hour, quit his job, become a multimillionaire by the age of 28 years old, and teach people all around the world his craft.  

 As an educator with over 4,000 students, Quillan has been able to shed his knowledge and help others discover a new life.  His main principles center around: manifestation, hard work, and believing in yourself.  Through these principles he teaches the importance of confidence, and how that confidence is the foundation of this world. 
On this episode we will dive into his journey, and address the multiple factors that affect our economy, the construct of our nation, key components to being a trader, as well as his journey.  

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In this episode you’ll discover:The State of Wealth in the United StatesHow to Combat this social constructUnderstanding our economy and how to navigate throughoutWhat is trading?The evolution of Quillan Black’s journey Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter @cuebanks Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter @itsjessicalaine Valuable resources to get you going:

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