NBA Power Rankings Week 7

Byron Dixon (@BKD_TV)

As we move through the NBA season we see many trends as we head toward the Christmas holiday. The usual suspects such as the defending champion Cavaliers and Western conference champion Warriors seem to be on a collision course once again.

  1. Golden State Warriors- The Warriors have started to find their chemistry with Kevin Durant. Their offense seems to be clicking on all cylinders and they are in midseason form trending upwards.
  2. San Antonio Spurs– The Spurs have quietly taken care of business and are keeping pace with the Warriors. This team is elite on defense and has the coach with the resume to take them all the way.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers–  The Cavaliers will be ok they have time and play in the Eastern Conference.
  4. Houston Rockets–  The Rockets led by potential MVP James Harden are looking like the 2007 Suns reincarnated.
  5. LA Clippers– The Clippers started off great this season and came back o life to earth the past few days and will be judged by their post-season results.
  6. Chicago Bulls–  The D. Wade Bulls are emerging as contenders in the East and have a legit shot to possibly challenge the Cavaliers.
  7. Utah Jazz–  Being top ten in both offense and defense allows this team to play with anyone any given night. Their length and size shows they have youth that is ready to win.
  8. Milwaukee Bucks– The Greek Freak is averaging MVP caliber numbers and under Jason Kidd’s guidance the sky is the limit for this entire team.
  9.  OKC Thunder–  Look out Oscar Robertson Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple double. He is on a tear and putting OKC on his back.
  10.  Boston Celtics– Isaiah Thomas is deserving of making the All Star team and he is a star in this league. Coach Brad Stevens has a good group of young talent to work with.
  11. Charlotte Hornets– Buzz City has a unique group of players led by Kemba Walker. Frank the tank has emerged as a versatile scorer for the Hornets.
  12. Memphis Grizzlies-  Without Mike Conley, this team is doing exactly what i needs to, stay at .500.
  13. New York Knicks– The Knicks are playing well lately and have found a good rhythm on both ends of the floor led by Melo.
  14.  Detroit Pistons– The Pistons are getting healthy at the right time and have a young core that has showed they can play with other teams in the East.
  15.  LA Lakers– The Lakers are holding firm, if they can get healthy in he second half led by Luke Walton they may sneak into the playoffs.

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