New Beginnings: NXT TakeOver Orlando Review

Last night, NXT delivered yet another instant classic with NXT TakeOver. NXT has really set the bar for WrestleMania weekend which makes it hard for WrestleMania. Earlier in the day, NXT general manager William Regal revealed that NXT would debut three new Championship belts.

Killian Dain, Nikki Cross, Alexander Wolfe & Eric Young reign supreme in the chaotic showdown.

Eight person mixed tag match

Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot, Kassius Ohno vs. SAnitY

We opened the night with an intriguing eight-man mix tag match. Earlier on in the day SAnity brutally assaulted No Way Jose at WrestleMania Axxess. Therefore Ruby Riot, Roderick Strong, Tye Dillinger needed back up. Kassius Ohno came out to fill the void left by No Way Jose.

Ruby Riot, Ohno helped the team to an early advantage, knocking Alexander Wolfe out with a deadly forearm to the head. Killian Dain’s finally turned the momentum for SAnitY’s until Dillinger got involved. The finishing sequence was insane Dillinger was setting Dain up for the Tye-Breaker.

Wolfe broke it up at the perfect moment with a big boot. As a result, however, provided a key assist, booting Dillinger in the face and allowing The Beast of Belfast to administer the Ulster Plantation for the win.


Black has his hand held high after nailing Almas with a vicious kick.

Aleister Black vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Aleister Black made his NXT debut against Andrade “Cien” Almas. The match itself did not disappoint both opponents had each other well scouted with their moves. Black turned heads with his unique offense and he used his deadly spinning kick called Black Mass to get his first win.


Akam and Rezar retained their titles.

NXT Tag Team Championship

Triple threat match

The Revival, DIY, The Authors of Pain

This Triple threat match lived up the hype and then some. It featured power and strength would represent The Authors of Pain. In addition speed and agility which both DIY and The Revival have. The turning point of the match was when The Revival and worked as a team to put Rezar through a table.

Johnny Gargano and Scott Dawson joined forces for a combo of the Gargano Escape and a reverse Figure-Four Leglock. They attempted to make Akam tap out but he did not give up this was followed by   Tommaso Ciampa and Dash Wilder linked up for a Shatter Machine.

There was another highlight when  Dawson gave Ciampa a Superplexed to the outside on the remaining participants. Rezar and Rezar connected with The Last Chapter on Ciampa to eliminate DIY. Even though The Revival pushed the Authors of Pain to the limit but they fell victim to the Super Collider for the win. The Authors of Pain retained their NXT Tag Team Champions but can any tag team stop them in NXT, though.

After the match, WWE HOF Edge and Beth Phoenix both took in the action and they were impressed.

Asuka defeated Moon, successfully retaining the NXT Women's Championship.

NXT Women’s Championship

Ember Moon vs Asuka

It was everything that Wrestling fans expected the two best women wrestlers. Ember Moon took Asuka to the limit she had her hands full with The Empress of tomorrow. It was a hard-hitting contest as expected. The WWE did an excellent job with the build up for the Eclipse which is Ember Moon devastating finisher.

Moon broke free of the Asuka Lock and she hit an exploder suplex to the Champion. Moon was setting up for the deadly Eclipse but Asuka shoved the official into the ropes, which knocked Moon off the turnbuckle. Asuka capitalized and hit Moon with her lightning quick kicks to retain her NXT Women’s Championship.

Drew McIntre

After the match, former WWE superstar Drew McIntyre was sitting front row as he took in the action. After NXT TakeOver Orlando it is confirmed that he has joined the NXT roster.

NXT Championship

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bobby Roode

This was the main event that everybody was looking forward to. Both superstars had memorable entrances as expected as it was WrestleMania so you knew that NXT had to do it big.

Initially, both scouted each other very early on so the match was at a slow pace early on. Roode was like a surgeon he attacked Nakamura’s knee, an injury to which allowed Roode to claim the title in the first place. Every attack to Nakamura focused on his knees this was a brilliant strategy.

A damaged Nakamura managed to hit with an Armbar which was a smart idea. Due to the fact to limit Roode’s ability to hit Glorious DDT.Nakamura found some energy to connect with numerous kicks to Roode. He even managed to kick out of a Glorious DDT.

Roode was irate he tried to get himself disqualified ass he grabbed a hold of the ring bell. In the end that did no good but gave Nakamura, even more, time to recover. Roode connected with the Glorious DDT this time of the middle ropes. The Glorious one managed to retain the NXT Championship and both men were exhausted after the match.

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