New Year Starts With A Bang: SmackDown Live Review

Ambrose becomes a two-time Intercontinental Champion on the first SmackDown LIVE of 2017.

SmackDown Live once again lived up to the hype and never disappoints and the road to Royal Rumble just got very interesting. As always I will provide the three best highlights from the show in addition to all the results.

Maryse gets in Ambrose’s face again.

1) New Champion

The WWE has done a fantastic job at building a legit feud between The Miz and Dean Ambrose involving their significant others Marsye and Reene Young. Maryse got revenge by slapping Renee Young backstage because Young slapped Ziggler a couple of weeks prior. This just elevated the main event to a whole new level. As expected both men tensions were at an all-time high. It was an incredible match that had momentum going back and forth but Maryse actions affected the whole match. Maryse decided to slap Ambrose, therefore, the match should have been finished because Ambrose should have won via a disqualification The Miz should have retained his United States Championship. However, the referee decided to send Maryse to the backside which was the turning point of the match. The Lunatic Fringe managed to survive and Ambrose found a way to counter a Skull-Crushing Finale into the Dirty Deeds to defeat The Miz. Ambrose became the new two-time Intercontinental Champion.

2) Baron/Ziggler match

Fans can say whatever they want about Baron Corbin but Corbin and Ziggler have developed quite an excellent chemistry over the last couple of months. This match delivered once again and Baron Corbin continues his hot momentum as he picked up another win via his signature End of Days. After the match, Corbin attempted to inflict more punishment on Ziggler by assaulting him with a steel chair Kalisto came down to the ring to help The Showoff. Ziggler had a change of hearts and he snapped at Kalisto and Ziggler connected with a Superkick to Kalisto. Once Ziggler got back to the locker room he got into a fight with Apollo Crews because Kalisto is a friend of Crews.


Nikki has heard enough and decks Natalya!

3) Confrontations

There were two massive confrontations that turned heads the first one involved the contract signing of AJ Styles and John Cena for the Royal Rumble. AJ Styles went off on John Cena on the mic and he stated that Cena has been great for the WWE for years but his time is over. In addition, he stated that John Cena is becoming what the Rock became a part-time wrestler and the WWE does not need him anymore and he cannot match AJ Styles in the ring. John Cena came back and stated that he has passion behind everything he does and come, Royal Rumble, he will prove himself. Baron Corbin came down to the ring as AJ Styles attacked Cena Corbin stood over him.

The next confrontation involved Nikki Bella and Natalya has they went back and forth on the mic. The Queen of Harts had enough nerve to state that she was better than her uncle WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Natalya claimed that Nikki Bella got everything in the WWE because of her looks John Cena will leave once Nikki’s looks leave and that she would die alone. Nikki Bella had enough of Natalya words and she connected with a massive forearm next week these two will meet each in the ring one on one.

SmackDown results

Becky Lynch defeated La Luchadora via Dis-Arm-Her.
Carmella defeated Aliyah via the Code of Silence.
American Alpha defeated Breezango with a Grand Amplitude on Tyler Breeze.

All the photos were taken courtesy of the WWE

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