NFL Experience in New York

In November of this year, people that reside in the New York area will experience the NFL Experience. People will have the chance to see what NFL players go through during drills and other activities that will be displayed on screens.

NFL Chief Marketing Officer Dawn Hudson said, “We are thrilled to re-imagine what it means to authentically engage with fans by providing them an immersive, innovative experience celebrating football and available year-round.”

Shows and different educating works shops will be displayed. This will get fans excited about the NFL and give them a chance to experience the drills that these players has to go through.

“We are happy to facilitate an experience that brings NFL players closer to football fans from around the world,” said NFL Players, Inc. President Ahmad Nassar.The NFL Times Square experience will mark Cirque du Soleil’s first official experiential sports venture.

Each year the Super Bowl is hosted, the NFL experience brings different concerts, fan experience, and shows that entertain fans. Bringing this to New York could bring more revenue for the state, as well as bring more excitement to the city.

The 40,000 square feet exhibit will span four floors and include a 350-seat theater, showing 20-minute shows that will recreate what it feels like to be part of a game, on the sidelines or behind the scenes.

“We see the NFL Times Square experience as an opportunity to leverage our creativity to bring to life another one of the world’s greatest brands and expand our capabilities beyond live productions,” Scott Zeiger, Cirque du Soleil Theatrical President and Managing Director told CNBC.”

This could be something that can change the face of sports forever or it could flop in the face of America, where some individuals might think that it will be costing the state more taxes than happiness in the near future.

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