NFL Power Rankings Entering Week 17

Byron K. Dixon Jr. (@BKD_TV)

  1. New England Patriots- What more can we say about the New England Patriots? They’re looking like a super bowl contender again as all roads lead to Houston. Tom Brady may be the MVP as well.
  2. Dallas Cowboys- Dallas is back on track and possesses the best running game in the NFL to couple with their dominant offensive line. The defense has bent but hasn’t broke and lately they have found success at rushing the passer.
  3.  Atalanta Falcons- The Falcons have many things to be thankful for and know they are healthy and playing well on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan can prove many doubters wrong and knows this his time to make a deep run into the playoffs.
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers may have the easiest road to the Conference Championship by facing two backup QB’s and know their offense is elite. Big Ben knows he may have a legit shot at playing for another Lombardi Trophy.
  5. NY Giants- The Giants besides their recent loss in Philly have been stellar this season. Their defense has paid off, to say the least, and Odell Beckham is a superstar.
  6. Green Bay Packers- the Packers are on fire and look like the 2010 team that won the Super Bowl. They have a running attack now and A. Rod is as good as it gets and the defense has stepped it up as of late.
  7. Oakland Raiders- The Raiders had the look of a young team that was on its way to a deep playoff run which is something that their fanbase has been yearning for. Now with their franchise QB Derek Carr on the shelf where do they go from here? They may be in bad shape.
  8. Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs are quietly playing as well as anyone and know the could make a run at the AFC Championship. Andy Reid is a good coach who has been here before.
  9. Seattle Seahawks- The Hawks played sloppy last game and need to tune it up for another deep playoff run. Injuries have been a problem with the Hawks but can still make a playoff run.
  10. Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins are playoff bound! Fins up! The Dolphins have overcome many obstacles to make the playoffs under first-year coach Adam Gase who looks like he is their to stay.
  11. Detroit Lions- The Lions have been overachievers this year and Jim Caldwell deserves to be praised for the job he has done. Matthew Stafford has played very well and the defense look improved as well.
  12. Houston Texans- The Texans despite their QB issues have won the AFC South. the defense has always held their own but the QB position will be key for this team moving forward.
  13. Washington Redskins- The Redskins could be in the playoffs after Sunday and be a dangerous offensive team with some defensive flaws. Kirk Cousins looks like he will get that contract he wants.

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