Tia Swafford; Overcoming Obstacles

The ability to overcome obstacles or certain events is something that defines an individual in life. Upcoming basketball star Tia Swafford had some challenges she had to overcome. It made her the person that she is today. Her passion is basketball, but in 2010-2011 Swafford attempted to try out for the Los Angeles Sparks and did not make the team. “I wanted to continue my pursuit to playing basketball.  I am hungry for any opportunity that I can get. I took some advice from Penny Toler to get more experience with playing basketball overseas. I took her advice and went for it.”

The biggest obstacle that she had to face was herself, as well as negative people; “I have to continuously remind myself that I will pursue my dreams. I am my best and worst opponent. The negative people that have said negative stuff, I brush off.”

Swafford has been a good leader on and off the court and it has help mold her into the person that she is today. “As a leader on the court I bring a lot of knowledge. You have to know your players and their personalities. It is a lot of trust that you have to have in order to be a successful team.” “The difficult part with running the offense is separating the pros and cons with knowledge. You cannot win games or coach a player if that person is not willing to learn.”

Dedication and motivation is something that has been instilled in Swafford at an early age and that is something that keeps her hungry for her dream. “Basketball is my God given talent. It is a task that I will follow.” “It shows hunger and willingness to do anything and everything no matter what.”

Swafford’s favorite players are Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose. “The passion and heart that both of these players played with is something that motivates me.” Past experiences molded me, pushed me, and made me mature in a way that I am very grateful for.”

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