“Off The Field Wives” Co-Founders Rominda Jordan Talks Impact and Leadership

Listen in with KNN”  hosted by media personality Kelsey Nicole Nelson sat down with “Off The Field Wives” organization co-founder Romonda Jordan during Super Bowl week. The organization is composed solely of the wives and significant others of active or retired NFL players. “Off the Field” honors the leadership qualities of women in Super Bowl cities who make a difference in the community, providing events and awards to celebrate success. 


To begin the conversation, Nelson asked Jordan what she was most excited for this Super Bowl weekend. “One of the things I’m most excited about is that it’s the first, it’s a first for anybody if your coming as Off The Field NFL Wives to do our fashion show charity show or as a team to go to the Vegas stadium for the first time, we’re just so excited to be apart of it and also give back through the charities,” she said.


 Nelson then dives  deeper into the fashion charity show asking who the charity would be for this year. “A portion of our proceeds will go to the Biletnikoff foundation, very near dear to my heart and to my co-founders because we are Raiders, but the organization has been making an impact and reaching out. Getting an opportunity to go to their new healing center as well, has a big impact helping to transform lives,” she said. 


With there being a fashion charity show event comes the music and big names, Nelson being a big SWV fan herself talks with Jordan about their upcoming appearance at the event and asked what is in store for the fashion show. “Typically we like to say we are bringing football and fashion, but this year we get to bring sisters with voices to be apart of it, and it’s amazing because they are an amazing group which is apart of us, one of the members Tarsh is a member of Off The Field we are excited for them”. 


As the conversation wraps up Jordan talks with Nelson about her recent battles with breast cancer and how the Washington Commanders movement “My Cause My Cleats” helped bring awareness. “I’m actually a breast cancer thriver, still in the battle. I really appreciate the organization and having the opportunity to really be involved and be an advocate. Having to go through it myself and having my husband, the team’s running back, coaches alongside to support me. I had the opportunity to have the organization do cleats for the movement which we put up for auction, packing them and sending it to women going through Chemo which I was going through also at the same time,” she said. 

Jasmine Pollock