Okada vs Omega II Lived Up To The Hype

On Sunday early in the morning, Kazuchika Okada took on Kenny Omega at Dominion. Going into this match at first, it was going to be difficult to top their first encounter because it was so entertaining. It was hard task to accomplish with the lack of build up heading into the match. Here are my overall thoughts on this highly anticipated rematch.

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Surpassing expectations

In wrestling, it is extremely difficult to top an instant classic match that Okada and dating back to January at Wrestle Kingdom 11. Okada and Omega took each other to the limit and Okada managed to survive and retained his IWGP Heavyweight Championship. This just goes to show you the talent that these two world-class wrestlers with no build up.

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This match had a slower pace which is not bad at because they both told a fantastic story.The beginning of the match Kenny targeted Okada’s leg with numerous moves such as a figure four leg lock. In return, Okada focused on Omega’s head throughout the match.

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This encounter had several memorable moments during this match. Omega connected with a Moonsault off the ropes on the outside to Okada. Okada hit a death valley driver on Omega which looked dangerous. Okada hitting a running shotgun dropkick on Omega on the outside and damn near breaking the guard rail. Back in the ring, Omega hit a Superplex to Okada off the top rope.

The fight took it to the outside Okada put Omega out on the table on the outside and he connected elbow from the top turnbuckle. The impact of the elbow didn’t even break the table which was shocking.

Then whole Bullet Club came out, and Cody’s had a white towel, he wanted to throw it in the ring because Kenny Omega was getting destroyed. Omega managed to hit the One Winged Angel Okada used enough energy to put his foot on the ropes.

The cleaner attempted to hit the One Wing Angle on Okada but he countered it with a tombstone. Okada wanted to finish the match with the rainmaker but both competitors were exhausted and they collapsed.

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Finishing sequence

The finishing sequence was insane Omega got a near fall with a roll up. Okada took Omega head off with another perfect dropkick and another Rainmaker this match ended in a sixty-minute draw.

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G1 Specials

Cody got involved in this match this could lead up to a match against Okada in California G1 specials in July.


The draw of this contest confirmed that this will not be the last time that these two rivals meet inside the ring. Shout out to both Okada and Omega for pushing the boundaries of wrestling and see wrestling is very simple when you give wrestlers complete freedom. No words can be used to explain the overall chemistry that Okada and Omega have.

Photo credit via NJPW and Sports Illustrated

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