Taste Of The NFL During the 2024 Super Bowl Weekend

During SuperBowl week, in addition to the big game, the other big item on the menu for many is the accompanying food. “Listen in with KNN” sports talk radio show/podcast hosted by Kelsey Nicole Nelson visited one of the best places for food leading up to the big game, the Taste of the NFL, an NFL-sanctioned event during Super Bowl weekend. The “Taste of The NFL” is a philanthropic event that helps in raising awareness for GENYOUoth, an organization that puts effort in ending student hunger and tackling youth food insecurity. The event brought out the stars and many former and current NFL Players. The annual event is the hottest ticket in town for foodie and football fans.

During the event, some of the most talented chefs from across the country were in attendance. A delighted crowd was able to interact with a stellar lineup of chefs which included: Andrew Zimmern, Carla Hall, Tim Love, Lasheeda Perry, Mark Bucher, Bob Broseky, James Trees, Bryan Forgione, Kris Padlino, Jennifer Yee, Joe Faugo, Mauro Castano, Todd English, Lorena Garcia, Josh Capon, Belle English, Matthew Chacho, Olivier Dubreuil, Christopher Shane, and Andrew Pollard. Guests were treated to signature dishes, original beverages, and eat-and-greets. 

The Taste of the NFL not only raises funds to help tackle youth hunger and food insecurity, the event also supports school nutrition programs and helped to deliver meal equipment packages to schools throughout Nevada in need. Steven Williams, CEO of PepsiCo Foods North America, spoke about the impact of the event. “Giving back to the communities in which we live, work and serve is a critically important part of our mission at PepsiCo. Frito-Lay and Quaker, along with PepsiCo Foundation, are proud to support GENYOUth’s Taste of the NFL and its lead-up Super School Meals initiative that will provide schools with equipment and resources to help tackle food insecurity throughout the United States,” Williams said. 


Aligning the walls of the venue were past and present NFL players. One of the past NFL player’s Nelson had a chance to speak with was former New York Giants defensive back David Caldwell. After discussing the wide array of food options and what it meant for Caldwell to have a chance to interact with fans at the event, Nelson asked Caldwell about the weekend’s big game. Nelson asked about the Kansas City Chiefs and their chance to win the Super Bowl. “I can’t bet against Patty. I made that mistake with Brady through the 20 years. Even though I’m a Jersey guy so you know we took those two wins. But right now it’s Patty Mahomes time. Although I grew up a 49ers fan, I think they have a better team but I’m going with Patty,” Caldwell jokingly said. Nelson agreed with Caldwell in a toss up herself, admiring the 49ers but also not counting out the dynamic of Patrick Mahomes.


Shifting gears and discussing the team that the Chiefs beat to get to the Super Bowl in the AFC Caldwell and Nelson discussed the Baltimore Ravens. Caldwell mentioned how much of a fan he is of Lamar Jackson and many of the players in Baltimore. “I’m an Odell fan and a Lamar fan. I only root for players so you know I gotta rock with them.” Nelson asked Caldwell his thoughts on Lamar winning his second MVP in the short time frame the young quarterback has been in the league and the narrative he thinks now surrounds Jackson. “He’s already a winner. I’m hoping when it goes down in the record books, he will be a legend. I hope he wins one next year,” said Caldwell.


Shifting gears and diving into  the NFC East, the division Caldwell played in Nelson asked his thoughts on the division. Nelson asked if he sees the New York Giants coming out on top next season. “They do the little things. I’m not gonna trip, but I’m gonna root for the hometown Giants. I grew up 10 minutes away from the stadium so I’m gonna rock with them. I have Giants number one in the division next season. Everybody else is irrelevant,” as Caldwell said.


With the conversation coming to a close Nelson got Caldwell’s insight on Taste of the NFL and the most exciting part of the event.. “Just sharing this experience. When you think about the mission that takes place in the NFL they are here to support that mission. Feeding people and just the energy that comes with the Super Bowl, it’s a dope energy. It’s always love and I appreciate the people plus the moments,” Caldwell said.


Football stars weren’t the only ones to attend the event. Inside the event Nelson spoke with country music artist Blanco Brown,  as he previewed what fans can expect from him next as an artist. “EP is dropping April 5th and we’re going. I’m touring this year in the U.S.,” he said. Nelson then asked him about any words for his fanbase in Washington, D.C. “ Love and purpose until you get through all your circumstances,” he said. 


You can watch a recap of the afternoon including exclusive interviews below.

Jasmine Pollock