The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from the Washington Redskins’ Preseason Game One

The Washington Redskins were defeated by the New England Patriots 26-17 last night at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA. As we all know the preseason final score does not matter, however performance does. Here is what stood to me last night from the Redskins.

The Good

The starting offense and defense (really the second string), played extremely well. Offensively three of the first four drives produced points against a mixed defense of starters and primary backups for the Patriots. Quarterback Colt McCoy showed his worth of being able to run the offense at a pretty efficient level. The passing game was fluid and the running game looked good, no matter who the running back was. Defensively the Redskins held the Patriots scoreless until a last second field goal to end the first half, which was also the first time the Pats were able to sustain a drive. The depth of this team was on full display.

The Bad

There were a couple of injuries last night but one seems to be a major one. Derrius Guice started slow but was getting into the flow of the game. On his seventh carry, Guice broke for a 34 yard gain but was tackled awkwardly. At first it seemed major, then was diagnosed as a sprained MCL. After a MRI today the Redskins found out it was much worse. Guice has a torn ACL and will likely miss the entire 2018 season. This is certainly huge blow to the team as the young and charismatic Guice had become a fan favorite. The Redskins have depth at running back but none of the running backs can replace Guice.

The Ugly

There were a few not so good things last night outside of injuries. Losing a 17-0 lead definitely wasn’t good, as well as not scoring after the second quarter is pretty ugly. Quarterback Kevin Hogan looks like a project that is going to take time to master Jay Gruden’s offense. Some of the same issues that have been present at camp were on display last night. It definitely looks like Redskins will carry two quarterbacks on the roster.


Outside of the Derrius Guice injury there were a couple more injuries.

-Defensive tackle Matt Ioannidis had his left leg rolled up in the second quarter. No official word but he is believed to be fine.

-Wide receiver Trey Quinn took a violent hit to his ribs on a high throw from Colt McCoy, should be ok as well.

-Tight End Manasseh Garner also tore his ACL last night and will miss the 2018 season.

Stock up, Stock Down

The following players performances last night has helped their chances of making the roster:

RB Bryon Marshall- Looked like the most complete back of the night. Had a receiving touchdown as well as some good pass protection.

CB Danny Johnson- He just keeps flashing. Quick physical and had a decent return too. Making his case for the last cornerback slot.

CB Greg Stroman- Same as Danny Johnson. Good on special teams and of defense.

Stock Down

OL Kyle Kalis- He had a few holding calls that stalled drives. Also a few times looked overmatched physically.

QB Kevin Hogan- Looks like he is still trying to get the concepts of the offense. This is probably why the team extended Colt McCoy. Practice Squad seems to be his destination.