#ThompsonTake: Why WWE Part Timers Taking Up the Spotlight Should be Over

Stephen-Michael Thompson Jr | @_StephenSZN 

Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Goldberg, Triple H, The Undertaker, and Sting.

Here are the six biggest part time wrestlers that are still being paid by the company or gave us some good moments within the last few years. It creates buzz and brings in the money. A downside to this is that the spotlight is taken from other superstars. Here’s why I think Part Timers taking over the major spotlight should be over.

It Gets Old

The Undertaker’s last few WrestleMania matches were a little watered down in terms of the excitement. Triple H’s last title reign and completely necessary and that was obvious, no matter how bad the people hated Roman Reigns. Goldberg was great until a title belt was put on him. The only superstars that look better physical during their part time reign than regular career is Triple H and the Rock. Those two men can still go for it, but not everyone is able to.

The main reason why this is old is that of the times we are in. WWE is improving and they have gotten out a rough patch of their history. Their roster is so loaded, part-timers aren’t needed to be on top. That’s what makes Chris Jericho so good, evetime he has returned, he has evolved. He clicks with the times and that’s respectable and needed. Compared to Brock Lesnar, it isn’t like that. He just comes down, tosses people in a careless manner and leaves. That’s not how you make an impact. That was obvious after the end of the 2016 Summer Slam main event.

That’s how you waste time. That’s what happened to the Dudley Boys. They failed to click with the crowd after things got old for them. Sometimes some comebacks just get old.

It Costs Too Much

Brock Lesnar is rich. According to Forbes, his earnings were about $12 Million dollars from the last year according to March 2017. Cena makes about the same. What makes Cena different is his promotions and community service for the company. Cena is a company man and Brock is a Brock man. To wrestle less than 15 matches a year and be paid the most is absorbing.

I respect and love the business. If you’re reading this, you feel the same. Brock Lesnar is a slap in the face in the Wrestling industry and more specifically, the WWE roster. The Miz and Dean Ambrose barely miss events and their pay isn’t as high. Part Timers come back and ask for a lot of money and their production isn’t the same.

As the roster becomes more loaded, it’s better to pay the loyal members of the roster, not people who take up time without any true purpose. It’s great to have a great pop and tending moment but when you look at the bank account, will it be worth it over time? That’s what Vinny Mac will have to decide for himself.

Hard Working Superstars Suffer

When someone is one top, someone has to be on the bottom. Cesaro, the Club, Titus O’Neil, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, Rusev, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and others have been affected by this within the last few years. Although some people are not championship scene material, screen time matters for some Wrestlers. Due to this, having part-timers on the top should really be considered from a workplace environment point of view. It’s great to have money flowing but if the employees aren’t happy, what’s the point?

Kevin Owens had a great title reign ended due to a part timer. CM Punk has given the same fate a few years ago.

Makes the Company Look Weak

At this point in history, there’s no company that features so much talent on one roster than the WWE. If the WWE can basically sell out almost very arena they enter for a long period of time, then why do we need part timers to lead the way? It makes the company look weak. The Universal title is the weakest World Title on the block right now and its due to two part-timers holding the belt and adding no prestige during the process.

The WWE will forever be the top company and its trend of part-timers taking up the spotlight should be ending soon. It’s ok to have a short-term contract. Its ok to have a legend return for a few matches. But hogging the spotlight and having unacceptable title reigns should be over.



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