Draymond Green Is Money: Keeping It Real 247/365

Yes, the Golden State Warriors are a stacked team that are creating history every year. The media loves to focus on their star players such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. However, Draymond Green doesn’t get enough credit as he deserves. Even though his numbers are never mind blowing he is the Warriors MVP. In the process, the media love Green for his comments because whenever he speaks it’s always memorable.

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Rare breed

Green is unique and flamboyant and he always speaks his mind. Green is one of a few players that speak their mind in the NBA. The other player that comes to mind is Russell Westbrook. Now players aren’t as competitive because players want to join super teams or play with their friends.


If fans remember correctly Green stated that if the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers were to meet up in the NBA Finals he wanted to annihilate them. That was exactly what happened as the Warriors made quick work of the Cavs in five games. Green kept it real as he always does, at the Warriors Championship parade yesterday he stated that LeBron created the super teams and not the Warriors but they just do it better.



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Social media war

Yesterday at Golden State Warriors had their Championship parade. Therefore, you know that Draymond Green would steal the headlines and he did just that. Green made a t-shirt in Cleveland with the word Quickie along with an NBA Championship. Referring to the Warriors making quick work of the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games. In addition, the Cleveland Cavaliers area is called Quicken Loans Arena.LeBron James quickly responded back on Instagram stating ” That’s what she said huh”. Draymond Green wasn’t done with James he posted a picture on Instagram stating that the Warriors made him go bald.


Hate him or love him a controversial Draymond Green is great for the league from an entertaining perspective. The league has become way too boring and too soft because every player way too friendly. It’s nice to see that there is competitiveness between LeBron and Green.

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Photo credit via Sporting News, LeBron and Draymond Instagram and Business Insider


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