Impact Wrestling TV Tapings Recap: Sonjay Dutt Is The New X-Division Champion

Impact Wrestling aired their TV Tapings yesterday and it was live from India. This made history because it was the first major wrestling promotion to air their TV Tapings live from India.

10 men Sony Six Invitational Gauntlet

Impact Wrestling opened up the show with a 10 men Sony Six Invitational Gauntlet Sony Six Invitational Gauntlet. The winner of this gauntlet would receive the Sony Six trophy. Sony Six is Impact Wrestling India partners. Suicide, Matt Sydal, Davey Richards, KM, Swoggle, Eddie Edwards, Spud, Kongo Kong, Moose, and Mahabali Shera were in the match.

It came down to Shera defeated KM with a sit down Powerbomb into a pin. It is no surprise that Mahabali Shera won in his home country of India. He went on to celebrate with his family at ringside. A Sony representative, Bruce Prichard, and Scott D’Amore then they presented the trophy to him and the fans went insane.

EC3 Segment

Then we have an EC3 segment he entered the ring wearing Indian-style clothing and he changed his name to Ethan Singh 3. EC3 apparently stated that his great-grandfather had India roots. He had a translator and cut a heel promo on the country. After his translator refused to translate his promo EC3 proceeded to whip him with his belt. James Storm came to the rescue of the translator.

Moose promo

Moose cut a promo before being interrupted by Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Moose stated that he has a partner that he will reveal in due time for a tag match against them at Slammiversary. We all know it will be NFL star, DeAngelo Williams because the story was leaked.

Squash match

Josh Mathews hyped up that he was going to have a personal sparring partner. Mathews handpicked his opponent he was a former Indian Olympic wrestler on a team and he was in a Bollywood movie Sandeep. It clearly was a joke and Mathews hit a Swanton Bomb and then submitted him with the Steiner Recliner.

After the match, Mahabali Shera came come out to break the hold. Bobby Lashley came out and he attacked Shera, which led to another Steiner Recliner by Matthews this time to Shera. Then Alberto El Patron finally cleared the ring and posed with Shera.

Braxton Sutter against Trevor Lee

Braxton Sutter took on Trevor Lee and it was a decent match. Lee controlled the pace of the match until he went after Allie on the outside. Then Sutter was able to gain control with a neck breaker and got the victory over Trevor Lee. After the match, Sienna and Van Ness came out and they issued an open challenge to Allie and Rosemary next week.

X-Division Championship

Sonjay Dutt against Low Ki

All throughout the night, Impact Wrestling was hyping up this main event between Sonjay Dutt against Low Ki for the X-Division. Dutt defeated Low Ki to finally end a 15 years journey as he became the new X-Division Champion after he connected with the Hindu Press aka a Frog Splash. It was only fitting that Dutt won the X-Division Championship in his home country. Shera and others from the Impact Wrestling roster came out with champagne to celebrate.


The show was decent but you have to give credit to Impact Wrestling for always pushing boundaries. Other than the main event it felt just like a regular episode to me with too many useless segments and not enough action.

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Photo courtesy of Impact Wrestling

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