Tiger Woods left Dubai Desert Classic with back spasms

Tiger Woods had to leave the Dubai Desert Classic, because of back spasms. Woods had surgery last year and has only played in one tournament this year. Some critics have said that Woods has not looked like himself in three years and needs to retire, but Woods is optimistic about his dedication to Golf.

“I miss trying to beat these guys, I really do,” said Woods. “We’re a fraternity out here. We see each other all year, and some of us have seen each other for decades out here. It’s just fun to be competitive and fun to go out there and compete at the highest level and against the best.”

Woods went 77 and did not have any birdies in the tournament; he withdrew from the contest later on. Woods struggled constantly with his health, as well as his swing. He has not had that power in his swing and his legs look liked dead weight. Woods is a competitive individual, but he has to examine the next tournament that he will be in.

Woods is ranked in the top 90 and has not made any noise with moving down the charts to get back into the top ten. He has only 24 birdies in 72 holes, which will not help him. The struggles continue and a lot of fans are wondering when is he going to retire. Critics have asked why Woods would keep playing if he has nothing to prove. He was the youngest player to win a Master and dominated the green for six years, but old age is catching up with him. He is 41 years old and you can tell that he does not have the energy that he once had.

Iconic golf legend Gary Player had some pretty intense words for Woods and his attempts to come back.

“The thing that concerns me about Tiger’s comeback, which nobody is saying much about, is when he was playing a little while ago, he had the yips very badly with the chipping,” Player told Gulf News. “He was hitting a chip shot in front of him or hitting it over the green. I am so used to seeing him having a chip and he puts the ball two feet from the hole.“To see him chipping the way he does, there’s no way he can win. No way at all.”

Only time can tell if Woods can make a run for another Masters or will he have to retire because of his health.

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