Todd Keirstead: Motivating others to overcome their fears

Golf was inherited through Todd Keirstead’s father.

“It was something we both enjoyed and Golf brought us together. It helped us bond and I started learning how to do trick shots that seemed impossible at first.”

Keirstead is ranked the #1 Trick Shot by Golf Channel.

“As I grew older, people wanted to see the creative shots that I was doing and that was something that I enjoyed. I enjoyed making people smile.”

After his career with Golf, Keirstead started a program called Bring Back the Game. The program started because individuals that had different challenges in life could not play the game that they loved anymore or felt lost without the game.

“This program helps individuals to overcome their fears to get back on the course and do something they love. “This program is sponsored by Adidas Golf and other companies.”

Keirstead’s career started at a very young age and now all he wants to do is help people and encourage them that despite any obstacles that they have encountered, they could overcome it.

“I have traveled around the world doing something that I enjoy doing, why not help encourage others to go after their dreams or goals. My passion is to go out there and help as many people that I can. I love making people smile and letting them know that dreams can come true.”

Keirstead had a near death experience that changed how he views life.

“I was literally staring at death and I had died for a  couple of minutes before the doctors revived me. That day I told myself to enjoy every moment and help anyone that I can. Sometimes we could put a lot of strain on our bodies without realizing that we could hurt ourselves.”

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Being a motivational speaker has helped many people get over their fears and some of them could relate to Keirstead’s story.

“Live life to the fullest and never stop dreaming and reaching goals.” “Live in peace and happiness and never worry about the negative stuff. “Always remain upbeat.”

Keirstead started his program Golf with Attitude and at times he had to hurdle over obstacles that got in his way, but he kept striving to perfect his business.

“In order to grow anything and learn, you have to be around individuals that could help you. These individuals could help you become successful and they understand that things do not come easy. You will have to work your way up and remain positive.”

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