Voghens Larrieux on Being Drafted by Bills

Every year the NFL Draft have individuals that define the odds by getting drafted. Voghens Larrieux, who came to the United States from Haiti, worked hard and perfected his crafted, was drafted by the Buffalo Bills Saturday. Before he was drafted Saturday, he was emotionally overwhelmed with excitement and joy just by getting a chance to be in the category of getting picked up in the draft.

“I am very excited for the future. I have worked hard every day. I know that my strengths are good hands, very strong, and I am very consistent, but my flaws that I need to improve in is overthinking. I do a lot of overthinking and at times overthinking has messed me up. However, this is something I wanted and worked hard for. I am willing to do whatever it takes and learn from the best to be the best.”

Outside of football Larrieux has been a great role model for individuals in the community and has impacted the North Carolina region in a positive way. “It makes me feel great that I could impact others on and off the field. At times dreams can be very challenging, but you have to be consistent in what you do. You have to understand that you have to fight for what others can not see. You have to set higher standards for yourself and never give up.”

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As college athletes, there has been a major concern with players getting paid. Some individuals feel players should get paid, while others feel it will take the focus of fighting at the pro level and more so content with just getting paid. Are they doing it because they are passionate or just want to get paid? Larrieux stated that it will be nice for players to get paid something. “Sometimes players have to use their own money to travel or do not have the funds to eat or so. I agree that players should get something for being an athlete. It can get tough on players because the money factor is something we can not overlook. I hope that players could get some type of salary or something for what we do on the field.”

As Larrieux prepares for his future with the Bills, he knows that football has shaped him into the individual that he is today. “Football showed me that I have to take responsibility for my actions, you have to be dedicated, and also remember that you are looked at on and off the field.”  You have to make your dreams come true by defining the obstacles that you come across. It will be hard, but it will set you apart from other people.”

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