Week 10 Lombardi Tea

America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys, made their way to the wild card spot after Sunday’s 28-17 victory against the Kansas City Chiefs. Hold on there Cowboys fans, don’t get too excited.

A decision still hasn’t been made on Ezekiel Elliott’s domestic violence case. Reports indicate that a decision could be made on Friday but if that decision doesn’t move in Ezekiel’s favor, his original six game suspension will take effect immediately. Consequently, that would give the Cowboys some adversity while trying to control their own destiny. Clearly at this point the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals control the Cowboys’ destiny and that’s where my reservations lie in regard to their playoff hopes.

Even if Ezekiel were elgible to play on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, the longer he fights in court the more the likelihood of his six game suspension hitting closer to the playoffs or during the playoffs increases. But apparently that’s a risk that Ezekiel is willing to take. Fight the good fight my brother, no pun intended.

Meanwhile, my prediction for the Minnesota Vikings has been crystal clear week to week. The Vikings are the kings of the NFC North but the only thing standing or flying in their way is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Earlier in the season, I have had a constant battle putting my trust into second year quarterback Carson Wentz. Time and time again I wanted to believe that he could lead his team to the playoffs and potentially win the Lombardi. But then the “Joe Flacco trauma” hit.

Being a Baltimore Ravens fan is quite a traumatic experience. The constant dream deferred seasons in the city of Baltimore had led me to believe that Joe Flacco was the answer sent directly from Vince Lombardi himself. But as years went by, it was clear who Joe Flacco was; an inconsistent, lack luster quarterback with no vocal leadership presence who rides on the defense to win ball games. Oftentimes, Super Bowl XLVII Joe would present himself but in the blink of an interception he would disappear.

Now when I look at Carson Wentz, there are no excuses or facades. What you see is what you get with Carson. He’s a young, developing quarterback who is able to stack up against top ranked defenses to win ball games. Just ask the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.

I said it in Week 8 and I will continue to shout this to the masses, Carson Wentz is the real deal. This Eagles team might as well get their ring measurements ready, Super Bowl LII here they come!