NFL Week 11 Lombardi Tea

Last week, my favorite to win the Super Bowl was the Philadelphia Eagles and heading into Week 11 my sentiments remain the same.

As you all probably noticed, the AFC side of the playoff bracket hasn’t changed much in the past few weeks. The highlight matchups on that side will come from the divisional round and of course the AFC championship game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags beat the Steelers in the divisional round. When they first met each other in Week 5, the Jags defense obliterated the Steelers in a 30-9 victory. Big Ben, or should I say little Ben after his performance in this game, threw 5 interceptions and no touchdown passes. After the game, the Jags even had him contemplating whether or not he “lost it.” That game was definitely a wake up call for Big Ben and I expect him to do an entire 360 in the playoffs.

Moving to the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks found their way to the sixth seed after a win against the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday. Unfortunately, that win came with a price. The Seahawks lost their star cornerback Richard Sherman to a ruptured achilles.

I hate to say that their season is over because they still have a top 10 ranked offense but losing Sherman’s presence in the secondary is something that cannot be replaced with a Byron Maxwell, especially when they face off against the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles in the upcoming weeks.

Moving to the NFC South, the New Orleans Saints have been on a hot seven game winning streak, I credit that to their weak schedule. Those teams include the Dolphins, the Packers without bad man Aaron Rodgers of course, the Bears and the Buccaneers.

I can honestly see the Carolina Panthers making their way to the top of the NFC South simply because of the evolution of their offense since the loss of Kelvin Benjamin.

In all reality, the Philadelphia Eagles have the hardest route to the Super Bowl being the number one seed. They will have to face top 5 defenses in the Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers. The road to the Lombardi will be tough but it will end up in the hands of a team from the NFC.

Chelsea T.