What’s next for Tony Romo? Denver? Houston?

First reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Dallas Cowboys quarterback QB Tony Romo is to be released on Thursday. Speculation about Tony Romo leaving the Cowboys has been expected for quite some time. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboys are going to take any type of trade for him.

The Situation:

Dallas is coming off a tremendous 13-3 season under Dak Prescott. The brilliant rookie led a brilliant comeback against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs before being eliminated by the heroics of Aaron Rodgers. If the Cowboys are to release Romo they’re going to take a $24.7 million cap hit in 2017. If the Cowboys were smart they should just trade him before the opening of free agency.

The Gamble:

The concerns are relevant when talking about Romo. Not only will he turn 37 but the recent injury history as well. Romo has played in only five games since 2014 while missing most of 2016 with a back injury. Let’s also not forget about a broken collarbone in between. So it’s fair to assume his injury risk is high.

Potential Reward:

When healthy Romo has proven to be a good quarterback in the league. Of course, everyone gives a hard due to not having a championship ring let alone not playing in a Superbowl. The last time Romo played a full season, he led the NFL in rating, QBR, completion percentage and Yards Per Attempt. Not to mention he went 12-3 that year and as a career starter is 29 games over .500 for his career.

Here are a few teams Romo could play for in 2017 if released:

Denver Broncos

 Denver has a ready-made Super Bowl-caliber team that just needs an answer behind center. The offense last year was nowhere near where it needed to be and was basically the reason for missing the playoffs. If John Elway decides to bring in Romo, it would be a great risk/reward play. With weapons like CJ Anderson, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders this would be a balanced attack. The addition of Romo would make this a SuperBowl ready team.

Houston Texans

Going to Houston makes plenty of sense for Romo. The Texans would need to find a suitor for Brock Osweiler’s $19 million salary if possible or just cut him and eat $16 million. Osweiler was so inefficient as the starting quarterback even with a top-five defense.  Romo although is 37 and has a long injury history, would benefit from the dome home games and divisional games in great weather. Houston has some solid weapons in DeAndre Hopkins, Jalen Strong, Will Fuller and Lamar Miller along with a stellar defense. Romo could push this team to new heights.

Kansas City Chiefs

It’s a long shot for Romo to go to Kansas City but according to Kansas City General Manager John Dorsey, he backed up QB Alex Smith 100%.

“First off, I‘m not going to talk about another team’s player and I think it’s not prudent for me to talk about that, so with that being said I won’t talk about it,” Dorsey said.

“We’ve said all along he is the starter — I don’t know what more you want to say,” Dorsey said, via the Kansas City Star. “He’s led this franchise to three playoff seasons out of four, which is pretty good in my eyes.”

Smith is such a pop gun intermediate thrower that you would think the Chiefs would consider Romo. It seems however that the organization is ok with Smith at the helm.

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