Ten Possible Players On-the-Move by NBA Trade Deadline

The NBA Trade Deadline has been moved up this year and will now end on February 8th. Now that the date is bumped up teams have less time to decide whether to blow their roster up or keep it in tact. Listed below are the following players who either had rumors come out or would make the most sense for each player/team.


Deandre Jordan

Possible Destinations: Bucks, Cavaliers, Wizards, Rockets, Trail Blazers

The most highly sought after player in the NBA trade market currently is center Deandre Jordan. In order to beat the best teams in the NBA, you need to think defense first. Jordan is a 7-footer with long wingspan, a ferocious rebounder and high finishing ability at the rim. Any team looking to win now will put in offers for the seven-year vet.


Lou Williams

Possible Destinations: Cavaliers, Sixers, Celtics

Once a feared sixth man, Lou Williams is now an All-Star caliber shooting guard. This season “Sweet Lou” has put up career highs in scoring (23.4 points) and assists (5.0 per game). Williams is set to be a free agent next year and will command a high salary. Any contender looking to add scoring and playmaking will be making a call.


Kemba Walker

Possible Destinations: Cavaliers, Pistons, Knicks

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A surprising trade rumor reported was the Hornets looking to trade the former All-Star point guard. Charlotte has underperformed for the last couple seasons and could be looking to start a rebuild. Since they are strapped for cash, trades are the only way to start over.


Avery Bradley/ Andre Drummond

Possible Destinations: Cavaliers, Bucks, Hornets

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Two of the few best players on the Pistons could be on the move. Detroit have been decent early in the season, but have since been on the down slope. Winning a title is the goal and this team can’t do that. Bradley is a player that can help any franchise achieve a higher level with his toughness and defensive prowess.

Likewise, Andre Drummond is a top tier center that has grown every season. His height combined with the elite athleticism is what all NBA teams need at the center position. Any team that’s looking to add his defense and intensity will be in the running for a talent like Drummond.


Tyreke Evans

Possible Destinations: Sixers, Pelicans, Bucks, Cavaliers

The point forward is a name that could be on the move after some uplifting performances. With the Grizzles season headed for failure, they will look to acquire assets for the upcoming offseason. A contract like the one has will be sought after because of the low value and it’s an expiring deal.


Will Barton

Possible Destinations: Blazers, Celtics, Wizards, Bucks

Barton is having his best season to date averaging 14.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.1 assists. After signing a three year, $10.5M deal, he will be a free agent after this season. Every NBA team likes to acquire expiring contracts at the deadline and with his production, be sure to see a deal made.


Nikola Mirotic

Possible Destinations: Jazz, Bucks, Pelicans, Sixers

After the fight with teammate Bobby Portis, a future trade is imminent. The stretch-four could be vital in helping some struggling offenses. With consistent shooting needed throughout the NBA, teams will make the deal without much expense.


Jordan Clarkson

Possible Destinations: Grizzles, Magic, Hawks

The Lakers are looking to move Clarkson to free up cap space for 2018 free agency. With players like LeBron James, Paul George, and DeMarcus Cousins all set to be available, the Lakers need to make some deals. Clarkson has two years, $11 million left of his current deal and Lakers should look to trade him.


Nerlens Noel

Possible Destinations: Grizzles, Magic, Hawks

Noel career has been a rollercoaster from the start. From a player with high potential coming into the league to a player who’s barely gets any time. With his deal set to expire, teams will be looking to acquire the 7-footer. After turning down a four-year, $70 million deal from the Mavericks, they will look to off-load Noel or lose him in free agency.

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