2018 NFL Free Agency: Key Questions


The 2018 NFL free agency period does not see the festivities officially kick off until March 14th at 4 PM EST. However, there is a two-day period beginning this week where teams can make their hopeful pitches to free agents as they aim to make key signings to their roster. Thanks to the number of trades that occurred last week, the anticipation for the 2018 free agency period has amped up. Let’s take a look at some of the important questions that we will likely face during the free agency period


Where will Kirk Cousins land?

For those who did not notice, former Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins played the market quite well. After playing on the franchise tag for each of the past two seasons, Cousins earned approximately $44 million dollars and is now staring at a lucrative payday this offseason that will be equipped with a long-term contract. There is a team in need of Cousins and more help on the roster (New York Jets) while there is another team in the middle of the pack that has a big void at quarterback (Arizona Cardinals). A couple of suitors exist that is a quarterback away from making a possible Super Bowl run (Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings). I would say that the Vikings probably present the best overall opportunity for Cousins but in an era where money talks, you never really know.


Who will be the big money spenders?

Every year a number of teams enter the free agency period with armored trucks full of money, waiting to make a free agent extremely wealthy. At the moment, the Jets, Browns, 49ers, Colts, and Buccaneers are all sitting at the top of the list with piles of cash and decisions to make. It should be noted that teams who spend large in free agency in recent seasons have found themselves on the outside looking in when it comes to playoff time. Still, it will be interesting to see which teams will splurge because the opportunity is there.


What faces the Super Bowl champs?

They are likely still on cloud nine at the moment but the newly-crowned Super Bowl champions have important decisions to make regarding their roster. Will the Eagles bring back their leading rusher in LeGarrette Blount? What will the team do with leading tackler Nigel Bradham? Are the Eagles likely to part ways with veteran corner Patrick Robinson, who led the team in interceptions? The main cogs on the roster will be around in 2018 but will the Eagles do some important trimming that may affect depth in the long run?


What will the market look like for Allen Robinson?

He is arguably the best receiver on the market for unrestricted free agents. However, fifth-year receiver Allen Robinson is coming off a 2017 season in which he played just three snaps after suffering a stress fracture in his foot to end his season. It probably did not help his cause greatly that the Jaguars made an AFC Championship appearance without him. The Jaguars could bring him back although with a market value north of $13M a season, the Jaguars could be a little weary about paying that type of money to a receiver coming off a major injury. If he walks, who could be out there for him. The 49ers and Bears are just a couple of teams that may appear to be interested in the talented pass catcher.


Is there a future for Drew Brees in New Orleans?

Believe it or not, but it is a viable question. Brees is coming off a season in which he only tossed for eight interceptions, which was the first season he did not record double-digit interceptions since 2004. He also completed his highest completion percentage since 2011, plus the Saints made an unexpected playoff run. So Brees as an unrestricted free agent presents an interesting scenario for the Saints as the 39-year-old is coming off a very efficient season. If the Saints want their captain to return, you would think that a long-term solution will be in play as well. If he does not return, which would be incredibly shocking, where will Brees land?




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