April 24th Nationals Weekly Roundup

The Washington Nationals (13-5) have not lost a game in over a week. Their seven-game winning streak has been filled with great hitting and lights-out pitching. They enter this week winning their first six games of their 10 game road trip.

Game Recaps

April 18th vs ATL: W (3-1)

Washington came in the 9th inning with a 3-0 lead. Blake Treinen struggled and allowed two hits. Max Scherzer struck out 7 batters over 7 innings.

April 19th vs ATL: W (14-4)

The Nats scored two runs within the first two innings in a game that quickly got out of hand. Adam Eaton scored three runs. Rendon had three hits and Harper added 4 more hits. Overall, the team had 20 runs throughout the whole game. Joe Ross struck out 7 batters over seven innings.

April 20th vs ATL: W (3-2)

Strasburg gets his 2nd win of the season. He struck out 10 batters over seven innings. Ryan Zimmerman had a monstrous home run as well.

April 21 vs NYM: W (4-3) Extra Innings

Harper and Loboaton hit home runs in a tight game. Trea Turner scores the go ahead run in the 11th inning after he was walked while the bases were loaded. Tanner Roark allowed seven hits, two home runs, but struck out seven in the win.

April 22 vs NYM: W (3-1)

Gio Gonzalez allows only two hits over six innings. New closer Koda Glover gains his first save of the season.

April 23 vs NYM: W (6-3)

Nationals dominate during a National Primetime game. Max Scherzer pitched over eight innings and struck out 9 batters as well. Daniel Murphy opened the game wide open with a Grand Slam during the top of the first inning. The Mets could not recover after that at all.

Pulse of the Pitching Staff

Tanner Roark (2-0): 17 K’s, 3.65 ERA, in four games

Max Scherzer (3-1): 33 K’s, 1.95 ERA, in three games

Stephen Strasburg (2-0): 29 K’s, 2.89 ERA, in four games

Gio Gonzalez (2-0): 21 K’s, 1.35 ERA, in four games

Blake Treinen: Three Saves in seven games  New Closer

Koda Glover: 2 Saves

Koda Glover is the new closer for the foreseeable future. He’s never lost a game so far since he’s been upgraded. Many fans are relieved by this move and we hope it fixes their relief pitching issues.

Injury Report

Stephen Strasburg (Maternity Leave): Will return in about two weeks.

Game Previews

@Colorado (April 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th)

The Nats will face a hot Rockies squad which has won six out of their last seven games. The high altitude will b a little different for the Nats. Hopefully, it will boost their batting stats for the series.

vs New York Mets (28th, 29th, 30th)

The Nats will return home to face an injured Mets squad. Expect no troubles in this series.

Stephen Thompson