FC Cincinnati’s Costa Rica star Allan Cruz Embraces Challenges Ahead

Dean Perretta: Can you talk about the football philosophy and mentality of the coach from players perspective?

Allan Cruz: Coach (Yoann Damet) likes to play through the flanks and for you to be open. Whenever we lose the ball, he wants us to be intense and to apply pressure. Attack more. He wants more players attacking. I think we have improved on that.

Dean Perretta: On a personal level, how easy has the transition been for you since coming to the United States and has this helped your settling at FC Cincinnati?

Allan Cruz: I have adapted well. Kendall Waston has helped me get accustomed to the weather, the home, so I feel like it hasn’t cost me much to adapt. The weather is warm now like in Costa Rica, so that helps me get adjusted.

Dean Perretta: Lastly, Costa Rica faces Haiti, Nicaragua and Bermuda in Group B at this summer’s 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup. Can you talk about the expectations of the fans and media back home in Costa Rica and, of course, the pressures to win the Gold Cup trophy this time around?

Allan Cruz: There’s pressure for us. God first, being on the list first of all. In Costa Rica, you live with joy. So when the Gold Cup arrives in Costa Rica, it is a goal for us, since we haven’t won the Gold Cup before, that this is the year.

Dean Perretta
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